How do I get 25-35 year olds to attend?

I'm having trouble getting my generation to show up at the reunions. How can I get more 25-35 year olds to show up?? I've tried reaching out but it's not working.


- Probably offer more events geared to your age group, that might help, or get some of them involved with the planning and ideas.

- This is a tough one. For our upcoming reunion we will be trying to ignite the value of family. That’s why we are devising all types of activities that we can all do and be interested in.....I would reach out to the members of that group and do a survey, like survey monkey. Keep it short. Ask what would get them excited to participate and what types of things they would like to do.

- Don't give up on reaching out to them. This will take some time. Are you getting them involved in the planning process? I would suggest you get to know their skill sets and things they love to do in groups. Find out their hobbies, talents and past-times. Some can sing, other play instruments, others cook well, other bake. Some are historians, other good with research. Some like the outdoors, nature hikes and fishing, others like to travel. Include these activities in the program and itinerary so long as they are appropriate to the occasion. You get the idea.

- Do they have kids? I fall in this
age group and my motivation for going is to let my kids have time to interact with their cousins.

- I am getting them involved in the program. I am asking one young nephew to read a poem, and one to do a skit, another young relative to be on the welcoming committee.

- I've found that year-round communication has helped us. It helps to keep up with them on Facebook. I've become sort of the family communicator, and whenever we have family prayer requests, announcements, babies, surgeries... whatever (!), they'll send me an email and I'll send out a group message to the whole family. With the family spread out all over the country, it keeps us close. And that tends to keep people involved in family. I also email reunion notices and make up a family newsletter (mostly regarding reunion items) that I send out. I keep up a family directory, too, with photos, names, addresses, emails, cells, and everyone's relationship to the 'oldsters'. Doing this all year keeps the reunion not THAT far from everyone's mind. And it's been a joy to keep in touch with people I might not normally talk to very often!

- Send the invite to the children and have them invite parents!

- Another thing that I will share with everyone is this - we do a planning call every first Saturday of the month. To accomplish this, we use Works like a charm!

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