How could we incorporate family history into our reunion?

How can we incorporate our family history into our reunion?


- You could play a number of “who belongs with who” games and use the family tree to see if you were right. Try to arrange pictures of each family member in order, like a tree made of pictures, and see if you got everyone in the right place. This could also be done with the ancestors of the matriarch & patriarch. How well do you know where you came from? We are hoping to add puzzles soon, as well. Get several and have a race to see who knows the extended family best!

- We are doing our family cook book with pictures and history of the recipes and we will have it to sell at the family reunion.

- Families usually have lots of stories, have a story night and ask everyone to share one of their favorite stories or memories. Be sure to record them and then someone can put them together in a book and offer copies to anyone who wants to buy one.

- Have a booklet with a family tree and games

- Those "remember when" conversations are always fun. Recording it is a great idea.

- We did this story telling at one of our early reunions. Siblings told on siblings and the grandchildren ate it up!

- Our reunions are held every 2 years. One way we've incorporated our history is, through a slide-show.

- I have researched the family census from 1910 and 1930, to get info on the area we are from, so I plan to this year use that in our reunion. My granny is starting to forget so I want to especially do this for her

- I am making a CD with documents from - marriage licenses, census reports, military records, and passport application.

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