Hospital Mania!

by Yvette Blue
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Well, it was our family reunion in Michigan 1995, I think. My little nephew was playing on the stairs and accidentally pushed my little niece, Victoria, down and, of course, she broke her foot.

Now I have 13 brothers and sisters and they have children and grandchildren as well. So, what would a loving family like mine do? Well, we would all jump into our cars, and follow my brother-in-law to the hospital.

So, here we go down the highway and weaving in and out of traffic. We arrive to the hospital and all of us get out go into the emergency room, I'll say about 35 to 40 people, babies included. So, we wait on the nurse to come and give us some type of update. After waiting about 25 minutes, kids running and jumping we are all laughing and talking, someone comes out and says, "Are you waiting for someone?" We all say yes and give her our niece's name and she goes in the back and comes back about 2 minutes and says "I am sorry but you are at the wrong hospital. The one you are looking for is about 10 minutes away." Yes, we should have known, since we did not see my sister or brother-in-law in the lobby.

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Jul 02, 2010
That's great!
by: Lydia

This sounds like one of those crazy stories that should be in some cartoon strip. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

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