Have a photo contest

by Rob White
(Boston, MA, USA)

A photo contest is the easiest thing in the world to do. Everybody can participate, it lasts for the entire event and is a blast.

Just download an app like PixWithMe, www.pixwithme.com, and create an album as a photo contest. The app manages voting, the leader board, etc. Come up with a theme like funniest photo, best group shot, or most fun moment. Invite everybody at the reunion. Everybody can then upload photos the entire time and vote on the best picture. Give away a small prize (sometimes a joke prize is best), it's fun to announce it at the end of the event.

The great thing is that this is inclusive, everybody can do it and will have fun. The other great outcome is that everybody will have access to the album of all photos. It's the perfect way to document the event and create interaction after the reunion.

I hope that you like this idea. We have done it and it is really fun.

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