Fun Outdoor Games for the Family Reunion

Fun outdoor games are a necessity for successful family reunion activities. Try a washer toss game, scavenger hunt for the kids or other outdoor lawn games.

The great outdoors is a perfect place to hold games for a memorable family reunion.

Here are some of my no-brainer favorites. They are active, great for kids of all ages (even grown-up kids) and need lots of space.


Yes, tag. Because often times the simplest plans are the most effective. Plus, there are many variations for when you need to change things up a bit. Try freeze tag, zombie tag, or one of these.

For more fun outdoor games,

don't forget the relay races & treasure hunts!

Beckon, Beckon

This one’s a family favorite! It’s a twist on your typical hide and seek game.

Identify a "jail" space where the hiders must go when they are found.

Whoever is "it" counts while everyone hides. When "it" sees someone, they call out the participant’s name and the hider must go to jail.

However (here comes the twist), once the hider is in jail, he/she can yell out "Beckon, beckon, I need a beckon," and then watch for a wave from one of the other hiders. When the player sees a beckon, he/she has a free ticket out of jail and can run away and hide again whenever "it" isn’t looking.

The game ends when "it" finds all of the hiders, it’s to dark to see, or participants start arguing. :)

Red Rover

Yes, another classic. (Like I said before – fun outdoor games don’t have to be complicated. So much of the "fun" depends on the attitudes of the players, anyway.) Divide everyone into two teams. Both teams link arms. The starting team yells, "Red rover, red rover, send (insert name) right over!" The person who was called tries to break through the linked arms of the calling team by running through them.

If he/she cannot break through, he/she joins the opposing team.

If he/she CAN break through, he/she chooses one other person to join him/her on the other team.

The game ends when everyone is on the same team.

Awesome Ball

This game combines 3 awesome fun outdoor games into one: dodge ball, kickball and capture the flag.

Divide everyone into two teams and establish boundaries.

At the end of the field, place 2 hula hoops filled with different colored flags. (Jerseys, hankies or strips of fabric work well.)

With one team up to "bat" the pitcher rolls the ball (like kickball) at the current player. The player kicks it and runs to the end of the field to pick up a flag, while avoiding being hit with the ball.

The goal is to retrieve all of your team’s flags to “home.” At any time, the fielders can throw the ball back to the pitcher, who pitches it again.

However, the next kicker shouldn’t kick the ball until the previous runner has a flag in hand.

There are three ways to get out:

  1. The runner gets tagged or hit by the ball.
  2. A batter kicks the ball before the runner before him picks up a flag.
  3. The batter misses the ball

When somebody gets out, the offense and defense switch places. The ball is dropped where it is. The new defense can induce another switch by tagging any member of the other team.

The game is over when one team’s flags are all captured.

Kickball Squared

This game is played on a baseball field like normal kickball, except with 2 kickers and 2 balls. The kickers run around the bases in opposite directions. Like regular kickball, you get out when:

  1. The ball is caught
  2. The runner is tagged by the ball
  3. The fielder tags the base with the ball

The game is over after 9 innings.

A Frisbee Game of Tic Tac Toe

I was recently inspired by Pintrest to make our very own frisbee game of tic tac toe. Check it out - 

A quick visit to the dollar store got me a shower curtain, some electrical tape and 6 frisbees.

It worked beautifully! The kids had fun and because the frisbees were two different colors, they didn't have a chance to argue about who threw what frisbee.

I thought paper plates could also work but they didn't really think so. Oh, and if you have the slightest bit of wind, you'll want to secure the shower curtain corners with something heavy, or use tent stakes.

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