Fun Kids Games

These fun kids games are perfect for family reunions. Kids, fun and games go together, don’t you think?

Race games, balance games, silly games... indoor and outdoor... these easy games for kids transfer into great party games for kids, too.

The thing that makes these fun kids games different from the other selection of games listed for family reunions is that they are specifically for kids. That may seem silly, but think about it - who else has boundless energy and the constant need for fun?? Keep the kids exercised and busy... they sleep better at night... everyone's happier. :)

So. Ready for some exercise?

This selection of fun kids games will keep children active and entertained during your family reunion. These are party games for kids that will keep them laughing and happy.

First, though, a few thoughts on -
How to choose the best kids games and activities:

  • Keep the age of the children in mind.
    The youngest might need super easy games. For kids a little older, adapt the rules or choose games and activities with more complexity. The whole idea is that you want the kids to have fun. And if the games are too difficulty, the kids become frustrated. But if the easy games for kids are too easy, the kids lose interest and become bored.

  • Consider the preparation.
    Planning is so important! When it's time to play, you want to be able to start the activity right away. So either choose fun kid games that don't require preparation OR do all the prep work ahead of time.

  • Give clear, simple directions.
    It's a good idea to give someone the job of game leader. This could be an older child or teenager or other family member. It is his/her job to explain the games, set the rules and explain the game plan.

  • Use group leaders.
    While it'd be nice to put the kids on auto pilot so the adults can kick back and relax, fact of the matter is, they're going to need some supervision. It's always a good idea to have some older kids or fun adults play along and act as referee as needed.

  • Have fun!
    This is the most important part. When kids love the activity, they'll want to do more of it.

Now for the fun part - fun kids games.

These games can be played of children of different age groups and they don't need special equipment. Perfect for the family reunion.

Indoor Games for Kids

{Keep in mind you could probably convert many of these indoor games into fun kids games.}

Dress Up Race

Find some over-sized adults clothes, two of each, like a t-shirt, hat, gloves, boxer shorts and rain boots or similar items. Put each set of clothing on a chair and have the children line up in pairs. From the starting line at the given signal, the kids run to the chairs and put on the items as quickly as possible. It's a hilarious and active fun kids game.

Balance Challenge

This fun kids game is a balance challenge. Start with a piece of wide adhesive tape, like duct tape. Then make a straight line on the floor with the tape about 10 feet long and 3 inches wide. This becomes the balancing "beam."

Have the children walk the beam. In "Simon Says" style, invent more and more challenging ways for the children walk the beam. Watch their feet to check if they stay on the beam. Useful tasks for balance could include: have them walk the line with a book on their head, backwards, hopping on one foot, or with a book on their head and something in their hands and so on. Use your imagination and have fun!


Who doesn’t know good old twister? Put yourself in a knot and try to stay in balance on the floor mat. It's a hilarious balancing and flexibility game for young and old.

Two to four players face each other, with the plastic mat in the center. A referee spins the spinner, then calls out the body part and the color the arrow points to ("left foot, blue" "right hand, yellow"). All players, at the same time, follow the directions, placing the appropriate body part on a vacant circle. Players become increasingly entangled, until someone (or everyone) finally topples, and is eliminated. The last person standing wins.

Detectives and Robbers

One child is a "robber" and the others are "detectives." Have all the detectives examine a room for a couple of minutes, memorizing as much as they can. Then the detectives are sent out of the room and the robber takes away an item in the room and/or rearranges items. When the detectives come back, they must figure out what is different and/or missing. The child who guesses correctly becomes the next robber.

Children love this simple indoor party game.

I love Kirsten's other ideas on fun indoor games for active kids. Check out her website here - Best Children Games, Fun indoor Games

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

{Keep in mind you could probably convert many of these outdoor lawn games into fun kids games.}

Hold the Orange

This relay game is played in pairs. Every pair stands face to face and tries to pinch an orange between their foreheads... withOUT using their hands. Then each pair has to move a distance without dropping the orange. They aren't allowed to use their hands to hold the orange in place!

Not only is this fun kids game a hoot to watch, it also gives the kids a chance to practice their balancing skills.

Balloon Race

Make teams of the children and have them line up at a starting line. The first player of each team receives an inflated balloon that he/she must place between his/her knees. He/she must run as quickly as possible to the turning point and back again. The balloon is passed to the next person in line and then that person does the race. The quickest team is the winner of this relay.

Additional relay games for the entire family can be found here.


Spud is a fun kids game of toss and catch played by at least 4 or more players. One player has the ball and the others gather around. The player throws the ball straight up in the air, while calling out a name of one of the players. The called player has to try to catch the ball, while the others run away as fast as they can.

When the called player catches the ball, he is allowed to throw it back in the air, while calling out another player’s name, who then has to try to catch the ball.

If he doesn't catch the ball then he has to pick it up and call loudly: "SPUD". Everybody freezes. The player with the ball chooses an opponent to hit with the ball and he can take two big hops towards his victim. If he hits his opponent with the ball the opponent receives the letter "S". If he misses or his victim catches the ball, then the thrower gets the letter "S".

The penalized player starts the next round by throwing the ball up. As the game goes on, the players receive first S, then P, then U and then D. The first player who receives all four letters SPUD is the loser.

Fox and Geese

This is a variation of tag and also good practice for balance and motor coordination.

Draw a large circle on the ground with chalk and make some lines running through it. (Like a sliced pizza.) the number of lines depends on the number of children playing. One child is the fox and starts in the center and the others (the geese) spread out over the circle. The fox tries to tag one of the geese while running over the lines. If a child is tagged or does not stay on a line, that player becomes the fox.

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