What's a family reunion without
Fun Group Games??

fun group games

I think there should be a law that says every family reunion must participate in some kind of fun group games!

These fun family games -

  • require very little preparation
  • help the cousins get to know one another
  • are fun to watch by those who are unable to participate
    (think of poor Great Grandma
    Lucy who walks with a cane).

There are fun group games for kids, adults, teens… the family games listed here are only the tip of the iceberg.

Use your imagination, change the rules, browse other game categories and you’ll find plenty to keep your family busy and happy.

Fun games for groups

Check out Human Pinata!

Broom Dance

You need an odd number of people for this game. Everyone dances with a partner, except for one person, who dances with a broom, while the music is playing. When the music stops, everyone grabs a new partner. The person with the broom drops the broom and grabs a real person. The person left without a human partner gets to dance with the broom during the next song.

Talk Fest

Divide your group in half and line up in 2 rows, facing each other. On a given signal, the first person in each line starts talking at the same time, nonstop about anything and everything. After 30 seconds, the next people in line take a turn. Talk continues, 30 seconds at a time, down the line until everyone has had a turn. Turn this game into a competition by assigning points for each person who is able to successfully talk through 30 seconds without stopping OR, just laugh as 2 people go at a time.

Feather Up

Divide into groups of 5-7 people. Each group tries to keep a feather in the air just by blowing it. If a group’s feather touches the ground, that group discontinues play. The winning group is the one that is still blowing a feather around when all the others have stopped. If you only have one feather, have one group go at a time while the others watch. Use a stopwatch to track how long each group can keep the feather afloat. The winner is the group with the longest time.

Musical Grabs

With 12-30 people, make two circles, one inside the other. Everyone walks, making the circles move opposite directions, while the music is playing. When the music stops, a command is given and everyone scrambles to find a partner and execute the command. The touch commands are what makes this a perfect party game for crazy families. One person from one circle must find someone from the other circle and match… nose to nose, eye to eye, cheek to cheek, foot to foot, head to toe, hand in hand, back to back, hand to ear, back to front, shoulder to shoulder, hand to knee. Customize the commands to your family and mood as necessary.

Umbrella Bounce

Play in teams. Place an unfolded umbrella upside down on the floor some 10-15 feet away from the throw line. Try to get a ball to bounce into the umbrella and stay there. Each score gets one point. This game could easily be played as a relay race or used as an icebreaker.

Blow Gun

From behind a line, shoot matches from a straw into a bucket. For safety, play with used matches.

Baby Bottle Contest

Who can drink from a baby bottle and empty it the fastest? Elect a member of your family to represent your team during Family Olympics or set it up as a relay race.

In the Manner of the Word

This game comes from Sheila Anne Barry’s book, The World's Best Party Games. Someone acts out an adverb. Others guess the word by asking the actor to do it in a particular way. Some examples of acting requests might include: do a dance step, walk with a book on your head, eat an apple – basically anything you can think of! Click here for Barry’s list of possible adverbs for this game.


This one’s a classic! Act out a phrase or word in pantomime for the others to guess. You could play in teams, with partners or as an entire group. Limit the acting and guessing time period – or not.

Hawaiian Charades

This is one of those humorous and ridiculously fun family games that can get a little out of control in the right circumstances. Each person, with his/her back to the crowd, without talking and using only their rear end, must spell a word for the rest of the group to guess.

My sister-in-law once tried to spell the word "swim"… in cursive. What a wonderful family bonding moment!

Musical Islands

This is a spin off the popular musical chairs game. Instead of using chairs, use newspapers. And instead of sitting on a chair when the music stops, stand on a newspaper. If you want to increase the level of difficulty, require participants to stand with one hand and one foot on the newspaper square.

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