Here are a few ideas for your own fun card games -

  • Go Fish - use photos of living family members OR connect with your family history by using the faces of ancestors
  • Trivia Matching - match a face or family to another card with location, name or other personal fact
  • Baby Faces - make playing cards into a matching game using baby photos; a baby face could match a up with a more current or adult photo.

    {TIP: To make this matching game easier for children to play, give them a hint by printing the person's name on each card and creating matching border colors and/or patterns.}
  • Phase 10 - print your own playing cards with family photos; make up your own phase 10 rules to create family groupings
  • Family Trivia - make your own board game and use personalized photo playing cards as the draw pile

    {TIP: Click here to see my Family Trivia Game on my other site,}
  • Trading Cards - design a card about each cousin or family member that includes stats such as height, place of residence, favorite food, etc., and then make a game or competition out of trading and collecting them

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