Free Family Clip Art

You can waste loads of time on the internet searching for free family clip art images. Trust me – I have!

family reunion planner

I did a “quick” search for “free family clip art” and found these simple images that would definitely work as family reunion clipart:

family picnic clip art

Microsoft offers a HUGE assortment of color, black and white free family clip art images available for download and use with Microsoft products. Here’s a quick sample of what you can find:

family reunion invitations: clip art
grandpa and boy walking

The problem with using easy-to-find family clipart is that the image will often be too small or of too poor of quality to really use.

Are you looking for family reunion specific clip art?

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Raster vs. Vector

So far, the all the clipart I’ve mentioned uses raster images, such as a bitmap, jpg or gif. Which means the images will lose sharpness and become pixelated when enlarged beyond their original size.

Vector images are much easier to work with, as they can be scaled larger and smaller indefinitely without losing quality or image sharpness. They are also harder to find, especially for free.

Do a quick search for family reunion clipart and if you don’t find something right away that you like or that will work, cough up a few bucks and save yourself hours of mindless frustration. is amazing! They offer 1000’s of royalty free stock images that can be purchased via a credit system. 10 credits cost $14 and detailed vector images generally cost 10 credits. Here’s an example:

family reunion clip art also offers lots of vector images. Their prices for disc collections start at $19.95 and go up to $899. Check out this awesome sack race image:

sackrace clip art

You can also go to your local office supply store and find various clip art collections available on CD. And don’t forget – the scrapbooking aisle offers some amazing choices. There might be a sticker, rubber stamp or page header that may fit your needs perfectly.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for family reunion clipart is:

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Make maximum use of your time and keep moving forward.

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