Family Reunion Themes

Family reunion themes are about creating fun family reunion activities and making family memories. Planning a family reunion with a theme creates interesting conversation starters and can strengthen family core values.

Are you planning a family reunion and struggling to come up with interesting family reunion activities?

Consider using a theme.

Incorporate the theme from beginning to end - from the family reunion invitations to the get to know you games to the volunteer thank you gifts.

Don't be afraid to be silly and have fun with it! You'll be making family memories and creating good conversation topics for future family gatherings.

Family Reunion Themes & Ideas

These are just a few of my ideas - but I'm sure that you have great ideas yourself and invite you to SHARE. :)

Family History

Does your family you share a love for genealogy or family history? Gather at the "homestead." Visit and clean up the gravesites of your ancestors. Dress up in vintage clothing and have old fashioned pictures taken. (I love the way this family shared photos.)

Include your family crest on the invitations, assign groups or families to act out family stories. Decorate at the reunion with a family tree.

dad and son walking through cemetary

County Fair

Pretend you’re at the county fair. Hold a dessert contest or pie eating contest. Ask the uncles to be the judges and let the kids hand out blue ribbons. Compile your favorite family reunion recipes into a family cookbook. Have the babies compete in a baby race. Take turns riding horses. Make a petting zoo.

Back To School

Center your reunion around a Kindergarten theme – let the kids make the invitations with crayons, hold a talent show for show and tell, and involve the family with cat in the hat crafts or other ABC family crafts.

Car Show

Do you have a family full of auto mechanics and car lovers? Schedule your family reunion around a car show. Help the kids craft cars out of cardboard boxes and then participate in a "race." Set up a free community car wash in the parking lot and let the kids sell popcorn and hotdogs.

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Family Olympics

This is one of those family reunion themes that's great for families who enjoy a little healthy competition.

Have each family branch decorate a different color t-shirt and then wear them as team jerseys for a Family Olympics of relay races. If Great Grandma has a hard time walking, ask her to be a cheerleader. Place her in a comfortable chair in the shade with a pom pom.


How about carnival games or school field day? You can't go wrong with a traditional fish pond. You know - where the kids throw a stick with a string attached over a "wall" and get a prize. (For inexpensive prizes and great trinkets, Oriental Trading is my all-time favorite.)

Create an obstacle course out of hoola hoops and cones. Play croquet golf or bean bag basketball. Create a game of bowling using empty 2-liter soda bottles.


adult and child making smores

I live in an area full of outdoor enthusiasts. What can I say? Camping in Idaho is popular.

Obviously family reunion themes, like camping, are easier to incorporate if that's the type of family reunion you're planning. But you could still incorporate a camping theme even if you're not sleeping on the ground.

Think about things to do while camping and simply do them without the camping. Kids think sleeping in a tent is fun regardless of whether it's inside or outside. Roast marshmallows and build smores. Swap campfire cooking recipes, have a fireside family meeting. You could even do a cute little invitation that said something like, "It's time for SMORE fun! Come to the family reunion..."

Treasure Hunt

kids on a treasure hunt

Treasure hunt games are always fun and you can set them up in virtually any family reunion location. If you don't have time to do ALL of the work yourself, check out my family reunion planning guide. Send out a treasure map as the invitation. Give out pirate eye patches and set up secret passwords. Include geocaching. (It's one of our personal favorites!)

Or try a scavenger hunt game. Incorporate family-related scavenger hunt clues or a list of mysterious items to bring. We had the kids do a picture scavenger hunt once and everyone loved it! Everyone's favorite part was looking at the pictures afterwards and having the kids explain what they were thinking or trying to do in the various pictures. Kids' thought processes and the stuff they come up with is hilarious! Us adults couldn't make it up if we tried.

Hawaiian Luau

I have to include this one since some of my favorite childhood memories included huge pig roasts, complete with a large cooking pit in the ground. Besides, there are some fabulous tropical party invitations and beach crafts out there.

Game Show Contest

Use Jeopardy questions or Family Feud questions catered to your family. Give out prizes. Use a good emcee and clean family reunion jokes to keep the energy up and the game moving along.

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