Which Family Reunion T Shirts
Are YOUR Favorites?

My favorite family reunion t shirts are the ones that:

  • incorporate the family reunion theme
  • show off the reunion logo
  • include a slogan or saying

and, perhaps most importantly,

  • reflect the family's individuality
family reunion t shirts

Look at these fun ideas!

I love these family reunion t-shirt designs. They are just a few of the DOZENS of family reunion specific templates available at DesignAShirt.com. 

What can I say? I'm a fan.

Family tree family reunion t-shirt design
family reunion t-shirt design with surname and year
family reunion t-shirt design with family tree

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Family reunion t shirts build family unity

I know some people - in my very on family, even! - who view family reunion t shirts as a waste.

Family Reunion T-Shirts

I understand the argument - why pay money for something you wear only once? - but they are not a waste. Quite the opposite, actually.

Think about it - individuals on sports teams wear uniforms that identify themselves at every game. Individual boy scouts wear uniforms while participating in troop activities.

I recently asked my son if t-shirts were important and was pleasantly surprised when he answered with an exuberant "yes!" Why? Because he fondly remembers the experience of making them and wearing them afterwards as a group.

A uniform makes a TEAM. It demonstrates who the team is, states
where they come from and, often, implies what they stand for.

family reunion t shirts can do the very same thing.

When everyone is wearing the same shirt...

  • no ONE person will stand out (in the family picture or otherwise)
  • individuals are instantly recognized as members of the same group
  • everyone is automatically included (Even, or perhaps "especially" yourself if you're feeling like the black sheep of the family!)

the logistics of a large group order

Sometimes the logistics of figuring out what you want and ordering family reunion shirts for the entire family is a little overwhelming.  Let's break it down into 5 steps.

family reunion t shirts

family reunion t shirt slogans

What sayings go on a t shirt? Something that reflects your family's personality. Check out these fun slogans if you're looking for the perfect words. You might find these sayings also inspiring. 

family reunion t shirt slogans

design the perfect shirt

Wondering what should be included on your shirt or what a good design looks like? Check out these design & buying tips.

family reunion shirt design

homemade family reunion shirts

Family reunion shirts don't have to be professionally designed to be cool. Check out these fun DIY t shirt ideas.

make your own family reunion t shirts

beyond the family reunion

Okay, so beyond feeling like a part of the family "team" and having an awesome reunion souvenir, what do you DO with a family reunion t shirt? Check out these fun ideas.

{fun picture
of a memory
quilt goes here...
as soon as
I find one}

the logistics of a large group order

Step #1: Decide what you want

Okay, now I hate to tell you, but this is probably easier said than done. Especially if you ask any of your family members for input!! 

While it's good to bounce ideas off other people, and while you need their investment and support, just be careful. Don't give them too many choices (everyone will choose something different) and make sure you reserve the right to make the final design/purchasing decision

I've seen waaaaay too many families run out of production time simply because there were too many opinions to begin with. 

Step #2: Determine what colors and sizes you need


A youth XL is basically the same size as an adult S.

Gathering orders from your family members can be tricky. If you have the flexibility, order additional shirts in a variety of sizes for those folks that change their mind at the last minute or so that you have extras to send to family members who couldn't attend.

These order forms will help you gather information from your family and then compile it into one document:

family reunion t-shirt order form

This is an INDIVIDUAL order form. Use it to distribute among family. This is where each family branch tells you what kinds and sizes of shirts they want.

family reunion t-shirt order form

This one is a GROUP order form. Use it to compile everyone's orders into one document, as a gathering place for information the vendor will need from you.

step #3: hire a vendor and/or t shirt designer

You can create your own design, customize an existing template or hire a designer for a whole new look.

As you're searching for vendors for family reunion shirts, be sure to ask lots of questions so there are no surprises. 

step #4: collect money from your family

There are several options for handling the financial aspects of family reunion t-shirts. Whether you charge individuals for family reunion t-shirts separately, build the cost into registration fees, or benefit from a sponsor, the most important element to consider is that YOU don't get stuck with the entire bill.

Well, unless YOU are the sponsor or like spending large quantities of money on your extended family. If that's the case, I take my statement back.

Step #5: distribute the shirts to your family

Distributing family reunion t-shirts goes right along with collecting the money for them. If you can do it without being too much of a stickler or pain in the butt, make sure the shirt is paid for *before* you hand it over.

Generally speaking, the best time to distribute shirts is at the beginning of the reunion as part of a welcome packet, registration materials, or "Hey, we're here!!" announcement.

do family reunion t shirts have a life *after* the family reunion??

Family Reunion T-Shirts

Okay, so beyond feeling like a part of the family "team" and having an awesome reunion souvenir, what do you DO with a family reunion t shirt?

I'm so glad you asked. :)

Because this is where the MAKING FAMILY MEMORIES really comes in.

You have to specifically look and plan for ways to incorporate the t shirt into the family reunion.

Look for photo opportunities beyond the posed family photo. Be silly. Make everyone wear their shirts while you're out on the town and catch strangers gawking.

Turn the t shirt experience into "legacy family tree genealogy" types of family bonding activities. Hold a contest to see who can gather the most family signatures on their shirt. Hold another contest to see who can place those signatures in the right spot on a family tree. Have everyone write ancestor names on their shirts.

If you have t shirts from past family reunions, bring one from each year to display. Or use them to play Frozen T's.

And, of course, remember the family reunion t shirt when you need white elephant gift ideas or more rags for the garage! (See? I TOLD you there are multiple uses for those family reunion shirts!)

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