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family reunion planning guide
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You've found it: the perfect family reunion planning guide! It's a simple, comprehensive and fast approach to family reunion planning! This e-book includes 50+ pages of games, tips, activities and ideas that require few props and very little preparation. Full of practical solutions, this guide will make planning your reunion activities a breeze.

"Punt! The family reunion planning guide for when you don't have time to plan," is concise enough that you can print it off and read it en route, if necessary. But it's also thorough enough that you can print if off and read it months in advance, expanding the activities and ideas to perfectly fit your own family members and reunion location.

Do you belong to a family reunion planning committee? Take this book with you to your next meeting and you'll have the perfect tool for brainstorming. (Plus, you'll have great conversation starters, poems and jokes for the committee meeting and for your most imminent family gathering of any kind.)

Are you the sole reunion organizer and running out of planning time? Print this e-book, gather the items on the "stuff to take" page and you're instantly on your way to success.

The games included were hand-picked. They're adaptable for groups of all ages and of all sizes. They encourage mixing and visiting. They're easy to understand, fun to play and require very little preparation. What more could you want?


You want everything you need in one spot?

No problem.

family reunion planning guide

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Each game includes basic instructions and all the playing cards, questions, and/or statements that you'll need. There's no need to strain the brain - or waste valuable family time - thinking through the details because the preparation has been done for you. Thanks to this family reunion planning guide, you can start playing immediately.

The family history activities included in this book are guaranteed to close communication gaps and increase understanding between generations. And, who doesn't want that?!

The conversation starters are varied, unique and specifically geared towards families. Cut out the cards and place them around randomly where people can see them. Or, memorize a few questions and keep them in the back of your mind for when you need to change the subject. You're guaranteed to learn something new about the people you thought you knew best!

Have you planned a family meeting? Do you know what needs to be addressed and what should be on the agenda?

"Punt! The family reunion planning guide for when you don't have time to plan," includes a simple yet comprehensive family meeting agenda and tips for success. You'll even have an extended planning calendar at your finger tips and a Family Reunion Participation Award certificate.

In this family reunion planning guide, you'll also find instructions & tips for -

  • the welcome table
  • nametags
  • a quick craft
  • the family photo
  • activities specifically for kids

This e-book was intended as a QUICK and EASY, yet comprehensive, planning approach to your basic, most critical family reunion elements. While I don't expect everyone will want to use every item included, there are enough crowd-pleasing ideas and activities that at least some of them will fit perfectly with your family reunion. I guarantee it. As a matter of fact, if you're not completely satisfied with your e-book purchase, or if it ends up being something very different than what you expected, let me know. I will happily refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Now. About the price.

I have yet to meet anyone involved in a family reunion that's NOT concerned with costs. Not only are we living in tough economic times, but let's face it - we're all on a budget and have to make some pretty tough decisions about what to do with our money. I didn't want the purchase of this e-book to be a tough financial decision. Instead, I want to make this information affordable to everyone who's involved in a family reunion and have priced it accordingly. So, at only $7.95, purchasing is an easy choice. After all, your focus should be on family - the most important people in your lives - not on your wallet.

family reunion planning guide

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