Use Family Reunion Invitations to Generate Excitement!

Family reunion invitations are a key component of event planning. Download free family reunion invitations; learn how to create your own invitations using meaningful quotes and family reunion poems. View invitation working samples, barbecue invitations, tropical party invitations and more!

Even though an email, phone call, Facebook announcement or save the date invitation may come first, an actual invitation marks the beginning of your event.

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Use them to your advantage! They are your most official means of communicating, mark the "start" of your event, and are an excellent tool for generating excitment and interest.

If you tell family in an upbeat and positive manner that it's going to be a fun family reunion, chances are better that everyone will come with a good attitude and ready to participate.

A bad example

I recently received a bland family reunion invitation via colorless flyer that left me a little frustrated. It came only days before the event (that was hundreds of miles away), lacked details and didn’t included any contact information. Guess what? We didn't go.

a better way

We needed the big picture early enough to get excited, catch the greater vision, make the necessary travel arrangements, etc. We needed a more detailed family reunion invitation.

Invitations are one of the most important elements in event planning. If you want your cousins to get excited and if you want your brothers and sisters to come, take the time to clearly state the specifics.

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It's Free!

There are many free flyer templates out there for various events that you could alter and use for family reunion invitations.

But because is all about fabulous and fun family reunion activities, I've created a few things that I think you'll like. Use these to create your own invitations...

A Family Reunion Invitation Template

A Family Reunion Sample Invitation


Free Family Reunion Invitations

 Now let's go through the
{who, what, when, where, why and how}
so you can make invitations.


  • Gather the names and addresses of your guest list well in advance. It will take longer than you think to get invitations addressed and mailed.

  • Be clear regarding what family is gathering. The decendents of whom? Which family branches are you going to include? This process may include several phone calls and a bit of family research. Keep all your records in one place.


  • Focus on the positive. Be energetic. Plan to have fun.

  • If your reunion is centered around a particular event (such as a hometown annual tradition) or family celebration (such as a 50th Wedding Anniversary), be sure to include those details.

  • Do you need help planning or organizing? Let people know.

  • Are there other elements (such as a talent show or family cookbooks) that guests should prepare for?


  • The sooner you can announce your family reunion date and plans, the better. Invitations should be sent out a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance.

  • If yours is a multi-day reunion, consider sending a save-the-date postcard up to a year (or more) in advance.

  • Generally, the longer the reunion, the more people that are involved and/or the further relatives are traveling, the more advance notice your family needs.

  • A steady stream of family communication is essential.

  • Focus on the most important elements, such as the main program, picnic or family meeting.

  • Include a start time and end time.


  • Include the city and state as well as the address for your specific location.

  • A phone number, website and list of available amenities are also helpful.

  • If relatives are unfamiliar with your reunion destination, consider including information about the area. A map is also a useful addition.



  • How much will the reunion cost, when is money due and payable to whom?

  • Consider including information about how family members can help in planning a successful family reunion.

  • Don't forget to include contact information, including the entire family reunion committee, if applicable.

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