Family Reunion Invitation Template

you are invited written on notebook paper

Follow this family reunion invitation template to create your own invitations.

Use the following family reunion invitation template to help you develop the perfect invitation for your family. 

An invitation should give the recipient enough information to make a decision regarding their attendance. Invitation copy needs to answer the basics: 

{who, what, when, where and why}

(Don’t forget the “why” – it’s a great way to state your reunion theme, intentions and/or true purpose of your special event.) 

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the family reunion invitation template starts here

To create your own invitations, regardless of the event, the first step is to write some invitation copy - the actual words you'll use on the invitation.

When you're in the middle of planning a family event, sometimes it's easy to forget the obvious. So just follow this easy template. Pick one sentence from each of the following categories, in the order they're listed, and you'll end up with a very thorough invitation.

I recommend that you open a new window on your computer screen with a word processor or grab a notebook and type or write the sentences as you choose them. Personalize the details as you go.


  • The decedents of {first and last name(s)} invite you and your family
  • The {family surname} Reunion Planning Committee invites you and your family
  • The children of {name} invite you


  • to the {first and last name} family {reunion, party or vacation}


  • to celebrate our family history luau style {or other theme}
  • to honor Mom and Dad {or other name} on their 50th wedding anniversary {or other event}
  • to congratulate each other on our past, present and future
  • to remember our why we love each other
  • to share and learn our unique family story
  • to create fun family memories and participate in family bonding activities
  • to build family connections
  • to play, learn, share and celebrate


  • Day(s) of the week, month, date, year
  • time


  • Name of location
  • Address
  • City, State


  • Please RSVP to {name} at {phone} or {email}.
  • Want to help? Call {name} at {phone}.
  • See who’s coming and stay in touch via {family reunion website address}.

Once your invitation copy is complete, add fonts, special formatting, clip art and other items to create your own invitation.

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