Family Reunion Fun Could Change Your Life

Guest Article by Sarah Brooks

A family reunion is fun for everyone attending, but they have deeper significance than just getting together for a good time. Under the surface, harnessing so much family love, all together in a single time and place, carries long-term positive impacts for members of each generation attending.

For some, it is about making new connections with unknown relatives; while others seek greater understand of family traditions and values. Either way, family reunions have the power to change your life.

How a Family Reunion
Can Change Your Life

"I didn't know that!"

Similar quintessential moments occur at many family reunion fun gatherings; whether full-scale family-wide events, or holiday meals at the family table. As members communicate, sharing family tales from far and wide, someone invariably exclaims "I didn't know that!"

For hosts, hostesses and organizers these are the golden nuggets panned from all the hard work; making it all worthwhile. Greater understanding about individual family members who came before you, enable you to view your own daily trials and tribulations through a new lens. Even relatives no longer with you, physically, emerge as informative resources, as their stories are shared second-hand, at reunions.

The truth is: There are so many uncertainties in everyday life, leaning on your ancestry and the historical development of your family can be an empowering experience; helping you manage challenges you face.

Reunions Cross Generations

Customarily, people gather with those most similar to them. Parties, dinners and other social events sometimes operate within very narrow demographical bands; assembling a bunch of individuals of similar ages and interests. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't stretch your exposure to wide-ranging viewpoints and perspectives. Family reunions are the opposite in nature; crossing generational boundaries - by design.

Gathering family members of different ages is beneficial to each individual attending, furnishing priceless takeaways for those sharing their unique world views. Take, for example, younger family members accustomed to iPods and smartphones capable of storing countless images and digital music files. Juxtaposed against members of the older generation, whose experience with technology dates back to the dawn of television sets, todays tech-savvy youngsters gain greater appreciation for how good they have it. 

And the ripples extend to other family values too, which may never make their ways to the younger set without the opportunity to cross generations at family reunions. Young people need role models, and what better guidance is there, than that found within your family history?

Carry on Traditions

In addition to specific information about family members and their places in your lineage, family reunions furnish opportunities to start, or revive, family traditions. For distant relatives, placing names to faces furthers the likelihood of family members staying in-touch. Making new friends, or at the very least; connections, within the family can lead to more regular gatherings or ongoing interaction with select members of your family - sometimes relatives you never had relationships with.

You may even be inspired to host or plan the next family event, in order to keep traditions moving in the right direction.

Whatever motivates you to attend your next family reunion; you are sure to take away significant connections with relatives and family members you'd otherwise never get to know. Family events cross generations; keeping traditions and family history alive for the future.

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