Family Reunion Cruises
are a Planner's Dream!

Family reunion cruises offer something for everyone. Group cruise travel creates limitless ideas for a family reunion with many activities and a cruise travel specialist can find the best family cruises.

family cruise deals

When it comes to searching out group travel ideas,

Family reunion cruises have many advantages

When you travel as a group, cruise travel is quite cost effective. As a rule, it's the most economical way to vacation as a group. (By the way, "group" equals 10 or more people.)

Read the fine print, but, generally, all of your food and activities are included in the total price of the cruise.

  • Many cruise lines specifically target family reunions, offering group travel deals, extra amenity points and discount cruise packages.

    Some family cruise deals might mean a free cabin for every so many berths booked (usually 1 berth is free for every 8-12 booked). Some cruise lines also offer free travel for kids up to 17 years old with a paying adult. You may also qualify for shipboard credits, free catered get-togethers or shore excursions.

    (All of this varies by cruise line so be sure to ask your cruise travel specialist to find you the most beneficial group travel discounts!)
  • Family cruise vacations offer something for everyone. Family cruise lines have baby sitting services, kids' clubs for children ages 3-17 (broken down by age groups), a wide variety of food choices, shore excursions and other adventures. (Again, ask your cruise travel specialist for details.)

    Your choices for great family reunion activities are limitless.
  • Whether you book an Alaska luxury cruise or a Caribbean family cruise, not everyone has to do everything everyone else does.

    Your family reunion planner or group travel organizer can reserve a conference room for a family meeting, plan a specific excursion and schedule a few other "all-family" activities. But also leave plenty of free (but together) time for everyone to do their own thing.

  • Group cruise travel offers plenty of family reunion activities and vacation ideas for a family reunion. Every family has diverse family dynamics and varying interests. And family reunion cruises offer something for everyone, regardless of an individual's age, physical ability, hobbies and interests.

    From cooking classes to spa treatments to playing in the sand to snorkeling to fine dining to swimming with the dolphins to working out… each member of your family will enjoy doing something. Isn't that the best?? On a family cruise, people can be as active or relaxed as they want or need to be.

  • Family reunion cruises are easy to plan. The hardest part will be coming up with a specific time and general location that works for your family. (And that's the hardest part of family reunion planning, regardless!)

    Group travel agents specialize in - you guessed it - group travel so find a good one and let him/her help you. They will know how to find the best family cruises and deals and get you the best available group travel discounts.

    (If you're the reunion planner or the person representing the group, here's a little secret: You'll probably get to cruise for free! Travel agents have a magic industry number that allows them to get amenity points and lots of other free stuff from the cruise line. A smart and generous travel agent will pass those freebies directly on to YOU

Even though family reunion cruises are cost effective when it comes to traveling as a group, they aren't exactly cheap. 

Use these insider tips to maximize your dollar

  • Going on an Alaska luxury cruise? You'll find the best rates during the shoulder months - May or September. It's a little chillier during these times but you'll also see more wildlife.

  • A warm weather cruise is a warm weather cruise. So if you're trying to decide between the Caribbean and Mexican Riviara,base your location decision upon the departure port and where the majority of your family live.

  • Book your airfare and cruise separately. Much of the price variance in any vacation package depends on airfare. And group airfare is usually much more expensive. So book the group cruise but have individuals and families book their own airfare to the departure port.

  • Wondering when to make your reservations? Book 9-12 months in advance, but no less than 6.

  • Work with a travel agent and find someone that doesn't charge booking fees. Generally, a travel agent will have access to better deals, more amenity points and group travel discounts.

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