Family Reunion Activities for all Seasons, Locations and Families

By creating fun family reunion activities and family reunion themes, you will be making family memories and creating traditions for future generations.

Use every opportunity you have at the family reunion to build and strengthen family relationships and to have fun together.

There are SO many factors that contribute to what kind of activities you can plan for the family reunion.

Do you plan the activities around the location? Or do you plan the location around the family reunion? It's sort of like the perpetual question - what comes first - the chicken or the egg?

There are several planning decisions that need to be made before you go too crazy planning specific family reunion activities but the two biggest questions are -

  1. Where will you be?
  2. How much time are you trying to fill?

In the past, extended families lived close to one another. It was easier to get everyone together for an afternoon picnic or Christmas gift exchange. These days, distance separates loved ones and it’s harder to stay in touch.

A family reunion offers families a chance to return to the past. They are an opportunity to celebrate your family’s stories and traditions while getting to know your relatives better.

Consider your family hobbies, interests and limitations when planning family reunion activities.

Gather input from various family members via survey and then plan accordingly. (But keep in mind that you won't be able to please everyone all of the time.)

Family Reunion Themes

While it's not a must, establishing a specific family reunion theme can help determine activities. Listed below are a few possible family reunion themes. Follow this link to see details on each.

Family History Celebration

Treasure Hunt

County Fair

Back to School

Hawaiian Luau

Game Show Contest

Christmas in July

Car Show


Family Reunion Activities

Play games! You could even create your own deck of custom playing cards. Or make up your own card games or board games. Compete as individual family units, guys verses girls, or kids against adults.

Break the silence. Hold ice breaker activities and provide conversation starter questions.

Catch up on the holidays. Host an UNbirthday party and break a piñata. Or celebrate Christmas in July with custom Christmas ornaments and a white elephant gift exchange.

Give awards. Hand out family reunion award certificates for being the "Proudest Parent," showing the "Most Team Spirit," or for telling "The Best Family Reunion Jokes."

Work together. Paint the fence in the back yard, do a community service project or hold a car wash. Volunteer for a local non-profit organization.

Food brings people together, so keep everyone fed and watered. (This one's personal - just ask my husband! He knows I get grumpy when I'm hungry.) Most reunions are in the summer - make sure everyone has plenty of water to drink! Cook meals together, separately, have them catered or go potluck style. You could also play fun food games or do food craft projects.

Include t-shirts. Family reunion t-shirts are hugely popular - and they make the entire family look and feel as if they are on the same "team." Find a local t-shirt designer, order online or make your own. Get to know your cousins while tie-dying shirts everyone brought from home. Wear your family reunion shirts for a group photo of everyone in attendance.

Go treasure hunting. I love the printable kids treasure hunt games. You could also put together your own scavenger hunt (and then do nature crafts for kids!). Go geocaching.

Display a family tree. Help everyone see how each individual is a part of the bigger whole. Show how the family fits together.

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