Family Crafts Make Great Family Reunion Activities

Family crafts are great family reunion activities. Choose quick and easy crafts for simple family bonding activities.

Quick and easy crafts are a great way for families to spend quality time together at the family reunion.

Crafting sessions offer an opportunity for social interaction that can be enjoyed by family members of ALL ages. They keep everyone together and provide a great backdrop to casual visiting, which, of course creates great memories!

family crafts make great memories

"Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history. Our ancestors used to create these crafts out of necessity, and now we do themf or fun, to make money and to express ourselves."

       - Phyllis George

The trick for a successful family craft session is the same trick for all successful family bonding activities -

find something for each member of the family to do - a way for each individual to contribute to the process or activity at hand.

TIPS for successful quick and easy crafts:

    More is not always better. Choose a craft that has a few items, requires materials already on hand (or ones that can be easily found) and appeals to the masses. You can do amazing things with just paper plates, cups, straws, yarn, scissors and a little glue!

    Consider doing some of the outlining, cutting or assembling in advance. Assemble items into a kit for each person. Group craft supplies in a logical manner and lay out materials before everyone gathers around the craft table. Have plenty of glue and scissors on hand. Use a party planning checklist to keep things organized.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Provide crafters a visual of what they're trying to make.

    Pair the littlest kids with an older cousin or adult so they don't get frustrated. Let them be in charge of the portions they have the ability to complete.

    Arrange for yourself (or someone else) to simply offer assistance as needed - hand things back and forth, grab more of this, that or the other, write names on finished projects, etc.

    Everyone likes to feel successful. Too many fine details or intricut steps discourage the no-craft family member. Use water soluble paint and glue for easy clean up.

Family Crafts: Some Favorites

Make sock puppets

Make puppets for a puppet show. Do a show based on a well-known fairy tale or family story.

Sock Puppet Directions:

  • Step #1. Find pattern and instructions on the internet. My kids and I made these sock puppets compliments of the instructions at Danielle's Place.

  • Step #2. Gather old socks. Holes and stains add character.
  • Step #3. Cut paper, felt, craft foam into various shapes. Twist pipe cleaners. Glue, tape various pieces as necessary. Add googly eyes. Yarn, buttons, styrofoam balls and pom poms are also great additions.
  • Step #4. Admire your work.
  • Step #5. Take pictures and let kids go crazy with their imaginations!

Paper Bag Puppet Directions:
Puppets made out of paper bags are so easy. All you really need is paper lunch bags and markers. If you want, use colored construction paper for the eyes, ears and other puppet body parts. We used the directions and visuals provided byEnchanted Learning. 

Other family crafts, puppet options include: finger puppets, puppets made from paper cups, wooden spoon puppets

Family Crafts for Games

Create props and components that can be used to play games later on.

Ideas include: miniature golf, washers, puppet show, box car, bean bag toss

Christmas Ornaments

Make ornaments for a gift exchange.  They make great memory keepsakes. Here are a few simple ideas that require minimum supplies and skill!

christmas ornament apple christmas ornament christ

Secure dried apple slices, cinnamon sticks and green fabric (torn into a strip and then tied in a bow) together with hot glue.

Use sandpaper on the back of a small craft mirror, cut picture of Christ to size, attach with glue.
christmas ornament flag popsicle sticks christmas ornament shrinky dink

Cut star out of perforated cardboard, paint popsicle sticks and then glue together.

Draw image or trace clip art onto shrinky dink paper; punch hole; follow package instructions to bake.
christmas ornament snowman christmas ornament star

Paint small wooden snowman, sprinkle with glitter. Attach miniature buttons with glue. Draw facial features and accents with marker.

Paint wooden craft pieces, sprinkle with glitter. Baby Jesus is a wood furniture button (the kind used to cover screw holes) and the manger is a pre-cut wooden accent. Write words and draw accents with permanent marker. Attach wooden pieces and spanish moss with glue gun.

Greeting Cards

Make greeting cards to send to family members that weren’t able to attend the family reunion.

Use dried leaves, stickers, markers and crayons. Paint with bubbles, straws or fingers.


Create a uniform to wear for the Family Olympics or simply to have matching shirts for the family photo.

Stencil, tye dye, finger paint, bleach - whatever you can think of. Need instructions? Check out: make your own t-shirt

Family Crafts with Food

Decorate dessert or help prepare the lunch buffet. These are some of the fun food projects my kids and I have done over the years. You can do amazing things with a little food coloring and icing! Most of our projects come from Family Fun . Not only do the kids love making these food items, but they get a great boost of confidence knowing they've helped prepare a meal and to see their projects on display.

computer cupcake frog cupcake
Computer Cupcake
Frog Cupcake
hamburger cookies lady bug cake
Miniature "Hamburger" Cookies
Ladybug Cake
sports cupcakes
halloween treat apple mouths
Sports Cupcakes
Apple Mouths

You can also have fun carving watermelons or making a fruit bouquet. Make penguins out of olives, trains and trucks from lifesavers and peppermints, or decorate a gingerbread house. Many family traditions are centered around the holidays but there's no reason you can't mix things up a bit. Practice the same family tradition but focus on a different holiday or theme. One of our favorites for ANY season or occasion are sugar cookies:

decorating sugar cookies decorating sugar cookies
Use popsicle sticks for each
icing color. Sprinkles, M&M's,
chocolate chips and other
small candies make great
decoration accessories.
decorating sugar cookies

Decorations & Props

Hold a craft session in the morning that will help decorate the afternoon or evening activity.

Ideas include: pinwheels, party hats, knight shield, family tree, masks, cut pictures from magazines to make a family story, nametags.

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