by Jo-Anne Laban

Hi. I am trying to organize a family reunion for my family. We are not a lot its about 20 to 25 adults and 10 kids.

I am the only one who knows everyone. The rest of the family don't know each other.

I really want to have this family reunion, as I don't have family. Our mother has passed on and it's only sisters and kids that are left.

If anyone can help me make this happen I would really appreciate it.

I don't have anything to start with so anything would be a great help!!!

God bless!!

Thank you very much!!!

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Oct 13, 2014
You're the family hero!
by: Lydia

Congratulations and kudos to you for taking the first step to gathering your family together!

There is TONS of great planning information and tips from other readers throughout this website. I suggest you start with the "planning" section of the site and work from there.

If you are looking for thoughts or ideas for gathering *stuff* to give to your reunion attendees, check out these thoughts from readers -


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