Do other families have door prizes?

What do families usually do for door prizes, freebies and give-aways?


- My sister-in-law makes soaps at home, so she made up a bunch of distinctive soaps for all the guests.

- Our customers have given prints of their family tree as well as notebooks, tote bags and other products with their family tree on them. Some families even auction these items off to help pay for the cost of the reunion.

- It's always fun when things are personalized and have meaning.

- I am doing family calendar with pictures of generations of family members. They are small calendars, with magnet backing.

- I used to do ladies hat parties, and would ask the department stores for perfume samples. Someone mentioned contacting local business for key chains. Also, I am making family tree magnets on my computer, and printing family reunion poems on nice paper, and tie with a ribbon.

- My son drew a picture of his great grandparents, and framed it as one of our prizes this year. If you have a family member that is very talented, put them to work, then the prize is more meaningful.

- I usually make a family tree booklet. Have also done t-shirts, caps.

- We have had family members pick things up from their state to bring to the reunion. Some may find freebies, others may pay a little for the items.

- Last year my cousin made key chains with family members' pictures on them, and had tickets for drawings. I think just about everyone ended up with one, and it was fun trading pictures.

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