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(Palmdale, CA)

How do you make everyone happy? Well, my grandmother has passed away and now the younger ones in the family don't want the name on the t-shirts, but the older ones do. How can I make everyone happy?

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Feb 28, 2014
I agree
by: Mary T

I agree with Lydia. Stay with the family name you've always used. Very few of us actually have the family name in my family reunion, but we have the connection...thus, FAMILY reunion. Maybe making & posting a family tree showing how everyone connects to the family name will help. I've done that for ours (in at least 2 different ways), posted it on a wall, & it's been very well received.

Mar 22, 2013
Stick with tradition
by: Lydia

It sounds like there are perhaps more family issues at hand, rather than "just" the name of your family reunion. The short answer is, you simply can't please everyone. You can try, but ultimately, someone will be dissatisfied.

I recommend sticking with the original family name, which should represent the matriarch and patriarch of all invited family members. Until individual family branches begin to break off and hold family reunions of their own, sticking with the original name just makes sense.

You could, however, incorporate the name into a more "modernized" t-shirt design so that the general look of the shirt would appeal more to the younger generation.

Ultimately, family reunions are to strengthen family bonds and build intergenerational relationships. So keep an ear to the ground to see if you can figure out the *real* issue is and strive to fix it at the source.

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