Canning Ring Game

by Carolyn

Can you explain how it works? Does someone hold the string? And does the ring have to go thru each person's clothes?

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Aug 05, 2013
Yes, yes and yes!
by: Lydia

You are correct -
A loooong string is tied to a canning ring. Each team of people lines up in a row. The first person in the row threads the canning ring - with string attached - through his/her clothes. Each person takes turns stringing from the top and bottom. So the first person goes through the neck of his/her shirt, out the hem, down the waist of his/her pants, all the way through the leg. The next person in line starts from the bottom - through the leg of pants, up the shirt and out the neck hole. Obviously, shorts and loose fitting tops offer a great advantage in this game! Tight jeans are the absolute worst. :)

Good luck!

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