Budgeting for the Moore Family Reunion

by Maureen Williams

I am planning my first family reunion. How do I budget for this reunion? Do I ask each family member for seed money to cover immediate cost and how much do I ask for?

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Nov 11, 2013
Finances for a reunion
by: Anonymous

Our family has a reunion every five years. We typically bring stuff that has been handed down to auction off. The goodies get passed around from family to family over the years and the money is used for planning the next reunion.

Apr 18, 2012
Many choices
by: Lydia

Hi Maureen. First of all - GOOD FOR YOU for taking the initiative to get everyone together! Planning a family reunion is never easy but it IS always worth it. :)

There are many ways to handle finances. Some established reunions have a planning committee and a treasurer. Some families charge annual dues, others ask for reimbursement.

If you're just getting the reunion tradition established, what I would recommend is that you prepare a realistic cost estimate (with perhaps some choices - for example cooking yourselves vs catered meals) and share that with everyone - WITH a request that they pay X amount by X date.

Depending on what you feel is best for your family, you could say that this initial money secures their reservation. And then ask/tell everyone to pay the remainder by X date.

In some cases, this is easy math - if the establishment requires a percentage or amount due at the time of reservation, divide that amount and then pass it on with the same (or similar) deadlines.

If at all possible, gather everyone's money beforehand. That way YOU aren't stuck paying the bill for people that cancel at the last minute.

I know one family with an established annual reunion tradition that charges all attendees a fee - that then pays for the NEXT year's reunion. I'm unsure how that started, who keeps track of the money or where it is kept, but I like the idea.

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