Brown Family Reunion

by Barbara A Brown
(Barbourville, Kentucky)

I am an in-law but try to help as much as possible. (My own family doesn't do a family reunion.)

We have our Reunion the 3rd Sat. in June (Father's Day week-end.) Some start arriving about 10 a.m., at a Fellowship Room at a local church where we make a financial donation.

We hold an auction to make up money for any expenses we might incur. The auction consists of mostly homemade crafts but the BIG item has always been a quilt made by one of my sister-in-laws and her hubby. (Both in their 70's.) The quilt is made from denim Levi's (and other brands) which are donated by family members. The center of the quilt has a nice photo of my husbands parents, we have had nice reunion t-shirts and she uses fronts and backs of those and the past couple years she has had white squares where each family in attendance signs a square. These quilts have gone for as high as $400.00. (Yes, you read it right $400.00!) They really put a lot of work (and love) into these quilts. There's all the cutting of that denim (and that stuff is hard to cut), there's the sewing of the denim in strips, the backing for the quilt, and the expense of having it machine quilted, plus other expenses. It's a wonderful treasure and keepsake for whomever "wins" it.

I hope this is informative enough (probably too informative).

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Mar 23, 2015
by: Lydia

I love hearing about successful projects like yours. And I love that you've personalized and connected the quilt to the reunion by having attendees sign the squares.

Well done!

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Jul 14, 2012
Denim treasure
by: Mary T

The quilts will be treasured by anyone who won the bid...I have cut quite a bit of the old denim, and you're is very hard to cut. Congratulations on a succesful fund raiser.

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