Bear Lake borders Idaho and/or Utah

A perfect family reunion location destination

A trip to Bear Lake was used as an incentive when I was a kid – if we hurried really fast on those hot summer days to get our chores done, we could play at the lake in the afternoon. It was – and still is – one of our family favorites and makes a perfect family reunion location destination

Why I love it

Known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies” because of its turquoise-blue water (limestone deposits), this fresh water lake is absolutely beautiful. How many times does the color of the water perfectly match the color of the sky?

Summer in the desert is hot. But Bear Lake county? The temperatures are more mild and the water is cold – the perfect place to be on a hot summer day. (In the winter, enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing.)

boys playing at the lake

Cousins enjoy shallow waters and sand at Bear Lake State Park in Idaho

The shallow water along miles of sandy beach on the north (Idaho) side of the lake is perfect for babies and toddlers. The water is only ankle-deep for several yards into the lake. And even then it gets deeper very, very gradually.

Like to camp? Check. Prefer to be pampered? Check. Vacation rental for a large group? Check. There are a wide variety of lodging options along the lake including everything from camping (there’s a KOA in Garden City and another in Montpelier) to resorts and condos with private swimming pools to beach-side vacation homes.

pickleville playhouse pickleville playhouse western cookout
Chuck Wagon's Wild West Showdown
"You-a wanta see-a my good side, yes?"
Dinner Western Cookout style -
Your choice of ribeye steak, bbq pork ribs or lemon herb chicken

Last summer we laughed ourselves silly while attending “Chuck Wagon’s Wild West Showdown” at the Pickleville Playhouse

It was some of the best money we spent all year! Known as “Utah’s most unique theatre experience,” the Pickleville Playhouse (and their Western Cookout) is a “must do.”

For more information on area lodging, attractions and events, visit the visitors bureau which highlights all aspects of the valley - Idaho and Utah - or this recreation site

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