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FREE Planner for Family Reunion SUCCESS!
June 03, 2017
Hello Friends!

Happy Summer!

I received the funniest email from one of my subscribers the other day. "Do you even exist??" She had every reason to wonder - she had been trying to reach me for several days without a response.

But like I told her, unfortunately, is only ONE of the many things in my life that keep me way too busy. I often get buried in email but I promise - I will get back to you eventually! So please don't hesitate to contact me via this form any time.

I don't get to spend as much time on my website as I'd like... and I don't get to connect with my readers and you, my newsletter subscribers, often enough. But I am here. Planning, thinking, sharing, reading, working... FAMILY-ing. ;)

Free Family Reunion Planner

In celebration of an UPDATED family reunion planner e-book, I'm offering it completely FREE for the FIRST 20 people who enter the code "2017" upon check out.

Go grab yours RIGHT NOW!! Here's your direct link.

As always, I wish you continued SUCCESS in all of your family endeavors. Lydia

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