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My Favorite Things Activity -- Kindred Connections #027
June 27, 2015

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My Favorite Things Game

Kindred Connections Issue #27
June 27, 2015
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Dear Family Reunion Friends,

Greetings from the middle of not one but TWO family reunions!

We live a ways from family so when two family reunions were scheduled so close together, we decided to center our summer travels around the reunions. It's hot. And we're tired. And I hate doing laundry on the road. But you know what? It's what you do to be with family. Mr. Wonderful from the Shark Tank says MONEY is the most important thing in life. But you know what? He's wrong. FAMILY is the most important thing in life. That's why we plan and attend family reunions - even when it's inconvenient.


Before the reunion, everyone - kids and adults - were asked to bring one of their favorite things. The kids had a price limit of $7 and the adults' price limit was $12.

This activity was SO much fun and such a great way to learn things about one another that might not come up in everyday conversations!

Everyone delivered their unwrapped item to the reunion organizer in secret. She numbered them all and sorted them into kids and adults.

When it was time for the game, everyone received a list of names and we had to match the numbered items to whom we thought brought it. Then, starting with the oldest family member, each person told about their item and drew a name out of the hat of someone who got to go home with it. There was some trading at the end but not much.

Some of the "favorite things" included Nutella, pinochle cards, Home Depot gift card, graham crackers, roasting sticks, homemade hot pads, jewelry, and so much more.

If you have the time to coordinate the effort before the reunion starts, I highly recommend this activity! So much fun and such a great way to remember relatives after the reunion is over.


If you DON'T have time to put together the My Favorite Things activity before your reunion, you might want to consider the e-book, Punt! The family reunion planning guide for when you don't have time to plan.It's written so that you can literally print it off, gather the list of needed supplies, and have everything you need for a fun family reunion.


Check out all the fun new t-shirt designs!! I've been working with Design a Shirt on some exclusive designs that you should see soon. Why t-shirts? Because "happy families share GENES and t-shirts"!

As always, I wish you continued SUCCESS in all of your family endeavors.
Family Reunion Guru, Photo Junkie and Heritage Maker!
{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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