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Things Change and Stay the Same -- Kindred Connections #026
May 13, 2015

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Things Change and Stay the Same

Kindred Connections Issue #26
May 13, 2015
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Dear Family Reunion Friends,

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

For example, I make changes and updates and write articles and work on ALL of the time. The website is *constantly* changing.

On the other hand, every time I go to write a newsletter I can't think of anything to say! I think it's because I'm "talking" all the time on the website. So, rather than coming up with something new and profound to share in this newsletter, let me simply tell you some of what I've been "talking" about and doing online. :)


If you haven't visited lately, now is the time! There's a whole new look and feel throughout the entire website. And, in addition to writing new articles, I've been slowly going through each and every single page (there are 323 total pages within the site!) to make sure each is easy to read, offers pertinant information and is completely up-to-date.

The "Reunion Q&A" section has been completely reorganized. Hopefully it is now much easier to read and answer each other's questions since everything has been relabeled and divided into categories. Dealing with the financial aspects of family reunion planning is still a sticky area in my mind. What IS the best way to share costs among family? I would love to know how YOUR family handles event finances.

Another area of the website that has been completely revamped is the "Location" section. Gone are all the self-promoting posts and reviews by businesses! The only location recommendations that remain are the ones submitted by YOU, the readers. They are divided by state. And, as additional reviews from across the US and throughout the world are submitted, I will continue to keep them sub-divided for easy searching.


New information is posted on the website on a regular basis. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

My First Video
The website now includes video! There are SO many places throughout the site that I'd like to add more video clips, but finally there's at least one. :) Check it out - Everything you need to know about Human Pinata! Human Pinata is an active, super fun group game to play at the reunion.

Memory Projects
I'm a fan of keepsakes, memorabilia and meaningful projects! The ever popular e-course, Planning & Printing Family Reunion Memories, takes a unique perspective on the family reunion planning process by focusing on printed materials for each over-simplistic planning phase: before, during and after.

Some of the projects included in the e-course are also explained on the website-
Custom Photo Playing Cards for Kids
10 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Photo Book for the Extended Family
11 Awesome Digital Scrapbooking Layouts"

Many of my memory project ideas come from Heritage Makers. If you want to learn from them directly, the next class is called, "We spell hero D.A.D." and broadcasts live on Thursday, May 21. Click here to learn more and to register.

Family History
I think this article makes the list of recent favorites because it includes a picture of my cute Grandma. :) Strong families have strong narratives! So ask these insightful family history questions at the reunion to help you discover the narratives in your family. If you want to get kids involved in family history at the reunion, check out the family reunion activity book. A 1-time download fee of $4.95 allows you to make enough copies for all the kids at your reunion.


The Family-Reunion-Success Facebook page is going strong with daily posts. You're invited to LIKE the page and join in the discussion!

I wish you continued SUCCESS in all of your family endeavors.
Family Reunion Guru, Photo Junkie and Heritage Maker!
{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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