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Let it Go -- Kindred Connections #024
May 01, 2014

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Let it Go

Kindred Connections Issue #24
April 30, 2014
Subscribers: 5430

Dear Family Reunion Friends,

As with most of the nation, our family recently enjoyed Disney's latest animated film, Frozen. Sing it with me now – Let it go, let it go...

The next words out of my teenage son would be from Scott Kramer's Dad Parody and sung with vengeance, "I’m gunna smash the radio..." If you haven't seen the YouTube video yet, it’s worth the 2 minutes and 23 seconds of your life and will make you smile.

In real life, the phrase "let it go" has serious ramifications and could save not only your reunion, but your family, too.

I’m thinking in terms of all the little squabbles, disagreements and miscommunications between family members that could easily escalate into serious arguments and hurt feelings if not immediately dealt with or simply let go. These awkward and tense moments happen during each of the 3 over-simplified planning phases of a family reunion: before, during and after.

And, don't kid yourself. Because we've all been there.

However, while miscommunications are unavoidable, serious damages to a relationship can be avoided by our individual reactions. So here's to letting go of pride, hurt feelings and difference of opinion. (I know, I know - easier said than done.)


Among other thoughts, have you ever considered including paper airplanes in your family reunion?? Check this out -


Virginia Ave. Paper Airplanes

Virginia Ave. Flyers is looking for 2 people in the process of planning a wedding or other large event! We would like to give each of those people 100 paper airplanes in exchange for high quality photos and/or videos of the paper airplanes in use at their event. Photos and videos will be used to promote Virginia Ave on our Etsy page and website, which isn't up yet but is hopefully coming soon! These pictures will help get our website going! For more details, or to request your 100 FREE PAPER AIRPLANES, contact Aimee through the Etsy shop, via Facebook, email:, or phone: 208-882-8092.

What would YOU do with your free airplanes?? I'm thinking you could...

  • Have a competition to see who could make their plane fly the furthest

  • Hang them from the ceiling as decoration

  • Create a unique card by having everyone write notes on them to the cousins, aunts and uncles who aren't able to attend the reunion

  • Write the name of a deceased relative and/or ancestors on the airplanes and then ceremoniously release them from overhead in memoriam

  • Create your own unique "Soar with Strength" reunion theme

  • Use them as an attention-grabbing save-the-date announcement. Print labels with the phrase "Come fly with us at the family reunion" or "Won't you be my Wing Man?" with the reunion date and location.

I'm sure you could think up lots of other fun things, too!


family birthday board

The other fun thing I'm excited to share with you is this fun family birthday board -

Isn't it just so perfect for keeping track of all those family birthdays?? It would make a wonderful family reunion gift or auction item.

Let your creativity soar and make your own, or email Lacey at and ask her to make you one for only $36.


I can always tell that family reunion season is approaching by the number of people downloading the "Planning and Printing Family Reunion Memories" e-course and the "My Family Reunion Planner" on the site. ;)

Don't forget to include GAMES in your planning efforts! Carefully chosen games will help families foster interaction and conversation between generations.

In addition to the many, many game ideas on the website, I am proud to recommend -

Treasure Adventure
You can purchase pre-made hunts based on age, location, occasion and difficulty. It's way cheap, super fast and extremely easy!


This is a SEARCHABLE database of group games, activities and ice-breakers with video tutorials. I can't wait to try some of these!

So many good things! I truly agree with guest writer Sarah Brooks -
Family reunions change lives! Keep up the good work.

And as always, I wish you much family reunion SUCCESS!
Family Reunion Guru, Photo Junkie and Heritage Maker!
{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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