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Amazing Summer Plans -- Kindred Connections #020
May 31, 2012

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Kindred Connections Issue #20
May 31, 2012
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Dear Family Reunion Friends,

What are your summer plans? I won’t be surprised if you answer "family reunion!"

Memorial Day weekend is sort of the unofficial family reunion season kickoff. And yesterday over lunch, as a small group of us were discussing summer plans, I was reminded how vitally important it is to establish and cultivate meaningful family relationships.

I watched one gray-haired grandma beam as she shared that ALL of her children were coming home this summer and that ALL of the grandchildren would be together. One of her granddaughters has not been to visit for 18 years! As this lady talked about her family, her face beamed and her eyes sparkled. Obviously her family means a great deal to her and is a source of true joy.

I love this quote by Jane Howard:

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

In other words, whether we like it or not, we need our families!

I love what family reunions can do for families. But I'm also always looking for ways to build and strengthen relationships with extended family beyond the reunion.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I love using Heritage Makers to create photo projects and storybooks to complement and enhance our family relationships. Recently, I updated a cousin poster for our house and then created 5x7 postcards to mail to my brothers and sisters. (Isn't it fun??)

family reunion ideas - cousin card sample

Go to the website and enroll in the e-course if you’d like to create your own family relationship-enhancing photo projects!

There are MANY project ideas for the family reunion, too, such as this make-your-own family reunion favor.

I would also love to know what GAMES and other ACTIVITIES you have planned to make your family reunion unique and special.

If you have a particular game or activity that has worked well, don’t forget to SHARE for other readers!

I wish you much SUCCESS this summer,
Family Reunion Guru, Photo Junkie and Heritage Maker!
{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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