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There's a Party Going On! -- Kindred Connections #018
April 28, 2011

Kindred Connections Issue #18
April 28, 2011
{Today is my husband's birthday!}
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family reunion success on facebook

Based on a whim, I recently decided we needed to have a party when the Facebook "likes" for reached 100. To be honest, I didn't really think we'd get there so fast. That's really not a huge number of followers, but in my eyes, it's a great beginning!

SO... there's a party going on with free door prizes! Well, actually, I need people to post in order to award prizes, but I promise they're good ones!! The GRAND PRIZE is a beautifully hand-made family tree scroll!

So stop by Facebook, give us a "like," and join the party!


Last month’s class, "How to share your family history with a Family Tree Poster," was a success! As a matter of fact, I’m teaching another one. And you’re invited!

So mark your calendars, get registered and plan to attend the next FREE ONLINE CLASS. This one is titled, "Personalized Playing Cards for the Family Reunion," and I will be teaching you how to customize various card games for the family reunion. Personalized playing cards make fun conversation starters, wonderful tributes to relatives old and new and thoughtful gifts.

The class is:
Wednesday, May 10, 2011, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT
(that’s… 11:00 am MST, 12:00 noon CST, 1:00 pm EST)
Save your spot! Click on this link to register:


If you've been looking for some fun kids games, I recently added a whole list to the website!

These fun kids games are perfect for family reunions. Kids, fun and games go together, don’t you think? These easy games for kids will be great for other parties, too.

Check out the full page here:


If I had to pick three - and only three - tips when it comes to planning your family reunion, here they are:

    I can't say it enough. It'll take time to communicate with your family. And you'll want their feedback and input so they'll be more likely to participate. You'll also want plenty of time to research various locations and negotiate contracts and prices.

    The sooner you do this, the better. It's not uncommon, especially for the more popular dates such as July 4th and other holiday weekends, for locations to be reserved 1-2 years ahead of time. Look at it this way: the more people gathering, the less choices you'll have regarding location simply because more people take up more space. And the more space you need, the fewer calendar choices you'll have. Pick a date and then find a location. Or, find a location and then pick a date they have available. Either way, determine the date and reserve a location as far ahead of time as you possibly can.

    SIDE NOTE: If you have a family reunion location that you'd like to recommend, please do! Click here to submit a review and/or read comments from others.

    Just as soon as you can, tell your family that a reunion is in the works. The sooner you can tell everyone a date, the sooner they'll be able to reserve that date on their calendars and plan accordingly. I don't know many people who can spend the money and commitment the time that a family reunion requires spur of the moment. Successful family reunions are attended by family who decide on purpose to attend.


I love what I do! Who knew that working from home could ever be so much fun. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback - simply reply to this email.

All my best,
Family Reunion Guru, Photo Junkie and Heritage Maker!
{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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