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Why family reunions? -- Kindred Connections #011
October 07, 2009

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Editor’s note

{Some of what I've been up to...}

Great news! I am thrilled to be nearing completion of two HUGE projects - a family trivia board game and family reunion ebook. Both items should prove useful at every family reunion and I can't wait to get them posted on the site.

family reunion board game

This personalized Family Trivia Board Game is just ONE example of what you can do with the Family Reunion Heritage publishing package. "What's that?" you say? Well, it's a bundle of project credits from Heritage Makers that will allow you, the family reunion planner or attendee, to use already-made templates to easily create your own personalized games, storybooks, playing cards, conversation cards, reunion planner, and more. Watch for more details to come soon!

As mentioned in past newsletters, my new ebook, "PUNT! The family reunion pull-it-together planning solution for when you don't have time to plan," is all about planning a quality event with few props and little time. It includes games, conversation starters, family meeting ideas, jokes, family history activities and more.

Here's a short excerpt from the ebook:

A family reunion is all about connecting generations. It's a way of using the present to bridge the past and future.

But who are you? Where did your family come from? What values and traditions do you hold sacred and why? Do the grandkids know their grandparents?

Use your family reunion as an opportunity to teach, learn and share your common family history. Take old pictures with you that need to be identified, maps and/or written histories. Set a goal to learn three new things about your ancestors.

Use the following family history activities to enrich your understanding of each other. These activities provide a hands-on, visual method of exchanging information between generations. Many kids these days don't realize that computers and video games haven't been around forever. And many seniors have no idea that so many people own cell phones and iPods. Search for and focus on commonalities that will encourage conversation and build relationships among family of all ages.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback - simply reply to this email.

I wish you all the best,

{Add meaning. Make memories.}

Recent website additions

Family Reunion Attendance Poll

Family reunions are fun, right? Opinions polls such as this family reunion survey will help discover exactly why you and others attend these family functions.

Two-Person Stump Tug of War

Have you ever heard of this outdoor lawn game? It was sent in by a reader. It's a game of technique over strength and would make a fun addition for an outdoor party. Check it out.

Family Reunion Poems

There's been quite a bit of interest lately in family reunion poems. I'm not a poet myself, but my kids think we could come up with an original at some point! In the meantime, these are, by far, my most favorite family reunion poetry books I've found to date:

Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers: A Collection of Family Poems (Reading Rainbow Book)


Families: Poems Celebrating the African American Experience

Online, there are three pages with various family reunion poems:

Family Poems - A family poem can eloquently express feeling and emotion that you couldn't otherwise capture. These poems about families highlight family relationships and explore family bonds.

Family Reunion Poems - A fun way to describe some of the events and feelings associated with large family gatherings. These poems put all of that busy family chaos into words.

Poems for Family Reunions - Nostalgic poems for family reunion invitations,family meetings, scrapbooks, family cookbooks, directories and more.

My Story

Find out why I love my family and how I ended up with a family reunion website! My family drives me crazy. But my family is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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