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Kindred Connections, Issue #008 -- Be a Good Sport
August 05, 2009

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Editor’s note (That’s ME!)

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A Short Read – Be a Good Sport

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Editor’s note

{Some of what I've been up to...}

Wow. July's over already? How did that happen??

My parents hosted a first-ever "Grandma & Grandpa Camp" this year for their grandkids ages 5 and older. It has definitely been the highlight of both kids' summer so far!

It was a sacrifice to drive 1200 miles round trip just to drop them off and another 600 to pick them up but I'm so thankful that they'll have them some of the same childhood memories as I do of the farm and cabin, catching lizards and playing in the creek. (Plus, it gives me a great idea for my parent's for Christmas! I'm going to make them fun little 5x5 commemorative photo book with pictures and quotes from all the cousins. Hopefully it'll be one of those perfect gifts that will make them cry... in a good way.)

Our little family of four also visited the Oregon coast. We spent a week camping at Fort Stevens State Park and, let me tell you, if your family enjoys camping, this would be an excellent family reunion or vacation destination. We stayed in Loop J - close to the amphitheater and playground.

As you arrive home from your own family reunion and/or vacation, don't forget to add a location review to the website that will help others plan successful family reunions.

Oh! And by the way, are you interested in reviewing an e-book for me?? I'm currently writing "PUNT! The family reunion pull-it-together planning solution for when you don't have time to plan." I've been working on this concept for awhile now and am excited to see what you think about it. Just respond to this email or fill out the contact form if you're interested in helping me make this THE most practical bunch of family reunion ideas ever.

Don't forget that you have the right to use the family reunion password-protected files and documents on this page at any time. Simply enter the password. Do you have special requests? Looking for something particular? Let me know what I should add to this ever-growing page of exclusive freebies for newsletter subscribers.

And, as always, I welcome your comments and feedback - simply reply to this email. Enjoy the e-zine!

Affiliate News

I recently added Treasure Adventure as a new affiliate to If you need a simple, last-minute family reunion activity, give them a try! It's true what they say - all you have to do is "print 'n play." Click here to view more details.

family reunion games continues to be one of my favorite methods of family communication. What an easy way to stay in touch! Click here to get started with your 30-day free trial.

family reunion newsletter

New additions to the website

Fort Stevens State Park offers variety of things to do while in Oregon

Fort Stevens State Park is more than a historic military site. There are plenty of things to do while camping. Discover the Peter Iredale shipwreck, play on Oregon beaches. Hike, swim, bike, more!

Location Reviews

Read and rate location reviews submitted by real people like yourself. You can even submit your own!

New Additions:
Koinania Cottages and Cabin in Missouri
Silver Falls State Park and Conference Center near Salem Oregon

A Short Read

Be a Good Sport

Whether you're the reunion organizer or attendee, it's important to be a good sport while attending your family reunion. Robert Walsh, writer for the Deseret News offers these tips for
How to act at family reunions:

  • RSVP. Don't let the organizers have to guess whether or not you plan to attend.
  • Pay your fair share of the costs promptly.
  • If the affair is a potluck, participate. Get your food there on time. If it's a hot dish, keep it hot. If it's supposed to be cold, keep it cold.
  • Control yourself at the buffet line. When filling your plate, remember that others will want to eat, too.
  • Tell your children what kind of behavior you expect from them. Remind them as necessary.
  • Talk to others. Be friendly. Take the initiative and introduce yourself to people you don't recognize.
  • Be gracious and chill. Things may not go smoothly or be organized the way you'd do it, but do your best to go with the flow.
  • Watch your body language. For the benefit of others, try to act and look like you're enjoying yourself.
  • Express appreciation. Send a thank you note to the reunion organizers.

In her book, Family Reunion author Jennifer Crichton states many of the same rules as the
Ten Commandments of Reunion Etiquette:

  1. Thou shalt not forget ordinary manners nor common civility, just because thou art amongst brothers and sisters.
  2. Thou shalt tolerate the tiresome relative (at least for a little while).
  3. Thou shalt not play footsie with a distant cousin or thy cousin's spouse.
  4. Sniping and carping about a reunion's lack of organization is an abomination.
  5. Thou shalt orchestrate spontaneous praise unto the reunion organizer.
  6. Thou shalt agree to disagree, and steer clear of such topics as the Vietnam War, abortion rights, gay marriage, gun control, Waco.
  7. Thou shalt not use intimate details of your kids' lives as conversation fodder. (Boasts of accomplishments are acceptable, but be discreet.)
  8. Thou shalt not reveal devastating family secrets unless thou hast arranged therapeutic support systems.
  9. Thou shalt not publicly criticize the bad manners or poor behavior of any child not thine own.
  10. Thou shalt flatter thy kinfolk. All nieces tap dance divinely, all babies are beautiful and all aunts look as wonderful as ever.

I wish you all the best,

{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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