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Kindred Connections, Issue #007 -- Survival Tips for the Family Reunion
July 05, 2009

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Editor’s note (That’s ME!)

New Affiliates

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A Short Read – Family Reunion Survival Tips

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Editor’s note

{Some of what I've been up to...}

It's summer! The kids and I have been taking advantage of the freedom of summer and have been enjoying plenty of trips to the pool and park. We're enjoying watching our garden grow and eating popsicles at every opportunity. I love the flexibility of being a work at home mom!

In just two days, I'll take the kids to "Grandma & Grandpa Camp," where there are no adults allowed! This is a first for all of us and the kids are stoked. Summer is a great time to visit family.

If you're on your way to visit family, too, make sure you study up on those family reunion survival tips so you can be prepared! Even if you love your family - and we'll assume we all love our families - surviving the family reunion often requires a bit of extra patience and love. These tips will help.

Have you announced your reunion yet?? Family reunion websites are a cheap and easy way of announcing your reunion and inviting family members for comments. It's free to create a page on Just click here and follow the instructions.

Don't forget that you have the right to use the family reunion password-protected files and documents on this page at any time. Simply enter the password "ilovemyfamily." Do you have special requests? Looking for something particular? Let me know what I should add to this ever-growing page of exclusive freebies for newsletter subscribers.

And, as always, I welcome your comments and feedback - simply reply to this email. Enjoy the e-zine!

New Affiliates

I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with a few new companies in an effort to make your family reunion and family projects easier and more enjoyable.

family reunion games

I was so excited to discover Treasure Adventure! To set up a fun treasure hunt, all you have to do is "print 'n play." Download clues and instructions for specific age groups and locations. Click here to view more details. Very cool.

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The Family History Store has many unique gift items perfect for the family reunion and related family history activities. Be sure to check out the 9 Generation Wall Chart, Family Reunion Invitations and family tree charts.

family reunion cookbook

Heritage Cookbook offers a wonderful solution for gathering family recipes and assembling a cookbook for the family reunion. Through easy online forms, family members can type their own recipe contributions! {If you've ever been involved in a cookbook project, you will definitely appreciate this feature!} Tell Susan I sent you and receive an extra 30 days of a FREE trial membership.

If you want to take your cookbook project to the next level, consider The Cook's Palate. In addition to cookbook software, they offer limitless publication options and distribution services.

New additions to the website

Make a Treasure Hunt with Riddles

When you make a treasure hunt for children, you're the hero! These fun treasure hunt ideas will help you create the best treasure hunt games for kids and adults of all ages.

Family Reunion Gifts: Discover Unique Gift Giving Ideas for Every Family Member

Family reunion gifts and personalized family gifts are a wonderful way to add meaning to your family reunion. These gift ideas for families are as unique and memorable as the family itself.

Ice Breaker Activities and Fun Team Building Games for Families

Ice breaker activities make excellent team bonding activities and get to know you games at the family reunion. In a large group, an icebreaker game lightens the mood and increases interaction.

How to Make a Cookbook With Easy Family Recipes

Need to know how to make a cookbook? Creating a recipe book is easy! Compile your favorite family reunion recipes, decide on a cookbook recipe software program, then write and print your own cookbook.

A Short Read

Family Reunion Survival Tips
by Lydia Stucki

Summer is coming. And so are your relatives! While family is something that we all enjoy and cherish, it’s like George Bernard Shaw says, "When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them."

Families often have difficulty finding time to be with one another. It’s a challenge for nuclear families and it’s an even greater problem for extended families. It used to be that cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles grew up close to one another, geographically and emotionally. These days, demanding jobs, hundreds of miles and hectic schedules keep families apart. The annual family reunion is often the only opportunity for everyone to see each other.

But have you ever been to a family reunion?

More often than not, kids are running in and out and everyone is hot, hungry and tired. You're behind whatever schedule may have been planned and patience runs thin. Someone is always sick, lost or confused and there's bound to be at least one strange relative to whom you wish you weren't related. Moments of boredom, stress and anxiety often threaten to destroy the whole notion of family togetherness.

The trick is to balance the guaranteed family reunion chaos with enough positive experiences and tender moments to equal a fond recollection of the event as a whole.

{To continue reading, click here for the
complete article and list of survival tips.}

I wish you all the best,

{Add meaning. Make memories.}

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