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Family Reunion Questions From Other Visitors

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Hi. I am trying to organize a family reunion for my family. We are not a lot its about 20 to 25 adults and 10 kids. I am the only one who knows …

What kind of activities are best at reunions for children and adults of all ages?

Collecting Money 
How do I get people to donate money to help with rental fees?

Certificates for Family 
We are looking for ideas for gifts. Something different than certificates listing who came the farthest or who is the oldest.

Family reunion in July 2015 near Coeur D Alene Idaho 
We have all ages, and need a location for 3-4 nights with RV spaces, tents, yurts or cabins. Will need cooking facilities, at least barbecues. Any …

Meaning of Family Reunion 
What is the true meaning of family reunion? I need to know. Does any one really know?

Taylor Family Reunion 
We have had a reunion for the Taylor Family since the early 50's. This year the theme is "Taylor-Made." I am trying to make a great flyer and want to incorporate …

Reunion Locations in Virginia 
I am looking for a location for my husband's family reunion in between the cities of Ivor Virginia, Suffolk Virginia, Chesapeak Virginia, Portsmouth …

Locations in July near Boise, ID  
My parents are coming upon their 60th anniversary in July this year (July 2). We were wondering about places for family reunions for less money than …

Family Reunion for July 4th 2015 
We are looking for a private location, by the water, within 1 hour from Silverwood theme park. There will be at least 100 people. Some have RVs but …

Family Reunion Location Needed 
We are planning a reunion for between 65 - 75 people. We have energetic people, semi-energetic people and couch potatoes with a little bit of zip in their …

Canning Ring Game 
Can you explain how it works? Does someone hold the string? And does the ring have to go thru each person's clothes?

Carol Lee 
We watch all the shows and love them all. We were wondering why Carol Lee is not singing with the singers like she use to?

Very Large Family Reunion location 
We are planning a family reunion for 100+ people that include about 25 families. We are in Utah and looking around the surrounding area for a place large …

Central Oregon Reunion Locations 
We are planning a 2014 summer reunion. My mother lives in Bend, Oregon, and can't travel so I am looking for something fairly close to Bend. I'm estimating …

My family reunion is over 80 years old. At one time, we were with my great grandmother's family but at some point the families decided to separate …

Different Last Name 
How do you make everyone happy? Well, my grandmother has passed away and now the younger ones in the family don't want the name on the t-shirts, but …

Family Grab Bags 
I am looking for websites and organizations where I can find freebies to put in the family reunion grab bags. Will you please point me in the right direction …

Only family member in the state planning a family reunion with little help 
I am the only family member in my homestate planning a family reunion. So I have little help with the exception of a few friends, and they can only do …

This is my family's first actual family reunion. I am part of the planning committee, and we are asking family members to make a donation towards the upfront …

Plaque Wording for Eldest Family Member 
What is the best wording to go on a plaque to honor the eldest living family member?

Lodging recommendations 
I am planning our first family reunion for 2014 for 3 nights. There will be about 30-60 people. We are mostly from Ohio and we would like to not travel …

Rental Facility 
How do I handle issues that came up on the day of our Family Reunion at the rental facility with no office staff available. The family was unable to enter …

Last minute family members for the Reunion 
Why do the same family members wait until the last minute (July 16 and event is July 21)to say they are going and want to pay less because they won't receive …

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Budgeting for the Moore Family Reunion 
I am planning my first family reunion. How do I budget for this reunion? Do I ask each family member for seed money to cover immediate cost and how much …

Glancy family reunion 
Hello my name is Julie, and we are planning a family reunion, but not until 2016. However, it will take this long to fine exactly what we want, need, and …

Friends at the Reunion 
Is there a time to invite friends - or not - to a family reunion?

Family Reunion Finances 
Should we set up a bank account specifically for the family reunion expenses? Can there be such an account? Who should the checks be made out to? Should …

When do you inform your family about the family reunion? If you have a reunion every 2 years, when do you send out your first correspondence about the …

Is it okay to have a donation jar at a family reunion to offset cost of building, postage, paper products, etc.?

Does anyone know where I can find a blank family tree? I want to print off blank copies for each family present so they can fill in their information. …

Need 2012 Large FAmily Reunion site in Idaho for 40+ people (Lodge) 
Need a place to house 40+ for a Large Family Reunion in July of 2012. Looking for place somewhere around Ashton/Warm River Idaho.

bonding for the treasurer 
Can we get our treasurer bonded?

reunion surveys 
Do you have samples of surveys?

Location for 2013 Reunion 
Family originated in Greenville, Alabama. Many of the elders still live there. Reunions are held every other year. For the past 25 years the reunion has …

Honoring the Elders of the Family 
I am looking for ideas of how to honor the elders in my family during the family reunion.

family reunion 
I want to know how to plan out when to do what at what time and keep it interesting to everyone without getting bored. I have games and a special introduction …

water bottles 
How did you make your water bottles with the old pictures on them?

Online reunion payment 
Hello family reunion friends. I am in the process of organizing the 2012 Seward/Seaward Family Reunion which will be held on Atlanta, GA. I am seeking …

SIDE DISH request 
Is it too tacky to ask family members to bring a side dish or dessert?

Ring Size 
I would like to know the proper size for the rings in the game of lawn darts. Thank you.

Selecting Vendor? 
We're looking for a vendor for family reunion items, not many out there that 'focus' on family reunions;however we did find www.familyreunionhut.com- and …

Freebies for Family Reunion 
We are planning a first-time ever reunion in Orlando, FL this August. We need ideas of companies to approach (other than the local Convention & Visitors …

need suggestions to avoid sorrowful reunion--recent family losses 
Need ideas for lighter conversations and suggestions to avoid sorrowful reunion. There have been numerous family losses this year. Tomorrow's reunion …

Changing the date 
We didn't do a survey for our first reunion. We had it on Saturday after Thanksgiving. We have nieces and nephews who live out of State and would like …

Small Family 
My husband's family reunuion was yesterday. For the past three years, he won't attend, despite efforts from his mom. The family is relatively small (his …

Family Members 
Should there be a certain number of family members from one family? We have this problem with a family bringing four members to every meeting and taking …

Need help with Location in Missouri for family Reunion 
We want to have a Reunion for about 100 in the area around Blue Springs, MO next year on the 3rd weekend in July (hot weather). We need place for kids …

Deciding a location 
Our family is spread out all over the US. We have family in Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Florida. How do you choose the best location to hold a reunion …

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Where to have it!!!! 
I am looking for a place to have our family reunion in Texas. We need a place with 15 rooms and a gathering area that is close to rooms because of babies. …

Family Split 
My Uncle has planned our family reunion for the past two years. Our family had been split since our grandmother (parents) their mother has passed. Last …

What do you do to get the family to act less like politicians? 
My family seems to think everything's not fair. When we got together last year we voted for our positions and after I got voted in as treasurer the previous …

Sponsorships and Donations 
Has anyone ever asked local companies for family reunion sponsorship? How do I get product samples for our family reunion hospitality bags?

How long should my speech be? 
As the oldest female of the family at the family reunion, I was asked to give a speech. How long should the speech be?

Low participation 
Please give me any suggestions to get my family to participate in our reunion. The date,time and place have been changed frequently to try to accommodate …

Reunion Ideas Needed 
This is my second year holding a family reunion and would love any ideas that would help make it different from last year's. Any ideas for games or other …

Out of state invitations 
How far in advance should invitations be sent to out of state guests for reunion/alumni events?

How do I find out what my password is?

Copy of Speech 
Why do some family members ask for a copy of your speech and others don't?

Placing photos on a page 
How do I add photos to a page?

Free Templates 
Your site displayed free family certificates/recognition templates, but requested a password. How can I get free template?

Family Reunion Award Wording 
What words would I use to put on a plaque to the person who hosted the Family Reunion and did a great job? Example: Rozier Family Reunion Presented …

Location for 30+ people 
I'm looking for a location that can fit 30+ people for 5-7 days for a family reunion in 3 years from now any ideas??

Our Family is Far Apart 
How do I plan a reunion for family members I have not seen in years but talk to at least five times a year?! It's on my father's side.

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