Put Your Family Reunion
Photo Onto Canvas

Placing a photo onto canvas is easy. Create a custom photo collage or build a family tree. Either way, canvas prints make unusual photo gifts. Canvas photo prints also make meaningful family reunion gifts.

Ever wonder about putting a photo onto canvas?

Photo printing on canvas is quite simple and a wonderful way to display priceless photos. Sharing personal photos via a custom photo collage makes canvas prints even more personalized.

Need family reunion gift ideas?

Looking for personalized gifts for the home?

Sick of plain family picture frames?

Want to build a family tree?

Need digital photo enlargements for a special display?

Use canvas!

Canvas photo prints make beautiful and thoughtful family reunion gifts. After all, who wouldn’t want digital photo enlargements of their ancestors? After the family reunion, create a canvas photo print with your favorite picture and you have a perfect remembrance gift.

There are several advantages to displyaing your favorite family reunion photo on canvas.

  • Think about it. How big are all of those relatives’ faces if your family photos are printed as digital photo enlargements of 8x10 or even 11x14? Trust me - they’re not very big! Create a canvas photo print on a 20x20 or 20x24, however, and those faces come alive! Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to SEE everyone in the photo? The bigger the image, the better you’ll be able to do just that - SEE everyone.

  • Okay, so say you have a beautiful photo enlargement done. Then what? Well, you have to spend additional time and money on selecting a suitable frame. When you put your photo onto canvas, however, you cut the ordering process in HALF, as you don’t have to worry about a frame. Gallery-wrapped canvases come beautifully stretched and ready to hang without any further effort or expense.

  • Once you create a photo canvas, you have a remembrance gift for everyone who attended the family reunion, a personalized home décor piece AND a timeless family treasure. This is especially true if you print in black and white. I can see it now - Great Great Great Grandma and Grandpa properly poised but without smiles, printed in black and white on a 20x20 canvas and hanging in the entryway. You could also incorporate the same photo in a custom photo collage or build a family tree for an unusual photo gift - for a family member or for yourself.

Creating a family canvas could be a fun family bonding activity in and of itself. If you want additional ideas for fun projects, click here.

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