Fun Photo Gifts

by Tammy Lanclos

picture flower arrangements

picture flower arrangements

picture flower arrangements
glass gems
water bottles
mason jars

I have been planning my family reunion for a year now and I am very excited that it is only 16 days away. I have so many things planned and I hope that maybe it could help someone else in their planning.

For adult games we are playing the family feud game, against the different family lines. The newly wed game and not so newly wed, the toilet paper game where people have to tell about themselves depending on how many pieces of toilet paper squares you take. Talent show, karaoke, a music jam session, dizzy bat relay, potato sack race and awards ceremony with gag gifts and door prizes.

For the children we have a spacewalk with a large slide that is attached to it. A Easter egg hunt, I bought a lot of bouncy balls that the kids can jump around on. A giant giga ball that is 51" tall they can play with and climb on and through. I have surprise grab bags with toys and candy in them for each of the children. I have a large art wall for them to draw pictures of their families on to be displayed at the reunion and they too will be included in the talent show and karaoke.

I made lots of flower arrangements for the tables. They have pictures on both sides so no matter which side of the table you set at, you will see family pics. I am also putting solid pastel tablecloths on each table and then 4x6 pictures of all the family all over the tables and then covering them with vinyl table covers so you can eat on top of the them without the photos getting damaged.

I made the glass gems and decoupaged my family members' old pictures on them. They will be all over the tables where the desserts will be and the picture display table.

I made water bottles with pictures of my grandparents. I am also making the family coat of arms, too. On the opposite side it'll say Easley Family Reunion, April 16, 2011.

I took old black and white family pictures and place them in mason jars. I plan to put dry beans, flour, sugar, etc. in the jars. I am going to display them on the tables where the food will be.

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Nov 09, 2012
Favor ideas
by: Diane Bowling

I love your ideas... I'm currently planning reunion #4 for 2013... and I'm looking for fresh ideas.. so that I don't keep repeating. HELP

Oct 31, 2011
Water Bottles with picture
by: Sharon

What did you use to make the water bottles with a picture on them?

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My Family Reunion Favors

by Tammy Lanclos
(Slaughter, Louisiana)

cert favors

cert favors

cert favors
m&m candy favors
personalized water bottles
grab bags for children

My next project was making favors. I made labels for Certs with Print Shop program on my computer. I also made M&M candy favors.

I made my water bottle labels. One is our family coat of arms with the reunion date on the opposite side. The other two water bottle labels are my grandparents both young and old. I took the extra step of wrapping each one in postage tape to seal the labels off to keep them from damaging when the ice melts to water.

I also made small grab bags for the children with candy and toys in them.

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Things I have made for my family reunion coming up

by Tammy Lanclos
(Slaughter, Louisiana)

life size photo frames

life size photo frames

life size photo frames
having pictures taken with the family
family tree picture display
family directories

I like personalizing things for any party affair that I have. I have a family reunion coming up and I have been put in charge over it. I have had such fun creating stuff for our reunion. I hope some of my ideas may help somebody out, that is looking to add that personal touch.

I took a 4x8 sheet of plywood and cut out two large holes to fit the frames that I put over them. I then wallpapered the plywood and made a stand to hold the plywood wall up. I added lots of old family pictures. The family can stand behind the wall and look out through the two frames and have their picture done, for fun.

Next I made a family directory it includes addresses, email addresses home and cell phone numbers of all the family members. I binded and made them completely myself.

Next for a family picture display I took a shower curtain and drew a large tree on it with markers. I then added pictures of my family on the tree.

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Feb 11, 2014
Shower Curtain
by: Lydia

Hi Debra. Tammy mentioned in her original post that she drew the family tree onto a shower curtain. Since I personally don't have enough artistic skills to draw a tree free hand, I would probably find a clip art image that I like and project it onto a wall where I could hang the curtain and trace the image. There are a few pieces of free clip art available to subscribers of my newsletter, Kindred Connections. Check it out here.

Good luck!

Feb 11, 2014
by: Debra

How did you make that family tree picture display? Please email me at

Apr 08, 2011
by: Lydia

I've said it once but I'll say it again - I LOVE these!! The wallpapered frame wall is a genius original idea. Thanks for sharing!

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