Kidwai's Re-Union Oct 2012

by Samir Kidwai
(Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

The Kidwai's Reunion Planning Committee invites you and your family to create fun family memories and participate in family bonding activities.

In the upcoming Eid after Hajj. i.e 24-27 October 2012. At our home in Thulendi, Rae Bareily. U.P.

Please RSVP to
SAMI KIDWAI: +91 9311134344 /
YASIR KIDWAI: +966 552726319 /
ATIF KIDWAI: +973 39970456 /
HARIS KIDWAI: +91 9910024568 /
SAMIR KIDWAI: +966 552726319 /

See who’s coming and stay in touch via Kidwai's Reunion website.

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