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Free Printable Awards

The free printable awards shown below are perfect for the family reunion! The awards cover the most popular and basic categories.

They are some of several family reunion freebies available when you subscribe to KINDRED CONNECTIONS, the e-zine dedicated to family.

Free printable award categories:

Who Traveled the Furthestfamily reunion awards
Who Traveled the Leastfamily reunion awards
The Oldestfamily reunion awards
The Youngestfree family reunion printable awards
The Most Recently Marriedfree family reunion printable awards
The Most Childrenfree family reunion printable awards
The Most Grandchildrenfree family reunion printable awards
Who’s Been Married the Longestfree family reunion printable awards

Family reunion awards will add fun and interest.

Whether it be an award of excellence or certificate of achievement, family reunion awards will add fun and interest to your program or family meeting.

Decide ahead of time what awards you want to present. Ask questions on the registration form that will help you identify the winners beforehand. Or, accept nominations from the floor and select the winner based on the amount of applause each candidate receives.

Use your family’s unique heritage, qualities and demographics to determine your family reunion awards categories. In addition to the printable award certificates listed above, you may want to consider the following:

youngest grandparents

largest family branch

person with the longest name

family branch with the most members in attendance

baldest male / most hair

tallest / shortest

biggest feet

first to register

first to arrive

strangest hobby

most dangerous job

who looks most like ___ ancestor

members of the military

If games have been a key activity for your reunion, consider award categories such as:

biggest cheater

best motivator

fastest swimmer

most likely to tip the canoe

most valuable player

loudest cheerleader

Free award certificates are fairly easy to come by, so make up as many categories as you need. If you’ve held a family talent or variety show, you might include:

most supportive role

biggest clown

best smile

If you made crafts or t-shirts as a family, you might have:

most original design

shiniest project

most likely to be thrown away

Presentations can be wacky with gag gift-type awards or more serious with classier awards. Present in an oscar-like fashion or hoot and holler with a clapping drum roll. The person presenting the awards can greatly determine the overall mood and the prizes can make your meeting more fun, too.

Goofy prizes might include a can of hairspray for the baldest man, a mock life insurance policy for the person with the most dangerous job, a pair of handcuffs for the biggest cheater or sun glasses for the person with the shiniest project.

Many additional free award certificates can be personalized and then printed at There are also many fun papers and blank award certificates at your local office supply store. Check the dollar store for pre-printed ribbons and toy medals.

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