Family Reunion Websites Generate Excitement 

Family reunion websites facilitate effective family communication and strengthen extended family relationships before, during and after your family gathering. 

As family reunion planners, we all share the same problems:

How do you get more relatives to attend??

family reunion checklist

How do we keep the younger
generations involved?

Lucky for you, I have the answer! It's called: FAMILY REUNION WEBSITES.

Family Reunion Website

Effective family communication, especially with extended family, is difficult, at best. I don't know about you, but I can barely keep current mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers for members of my immediate family, let alone for my extended family.

And yet, if we want more people to attend our family reunions, we must do the first and most obvious task of extending an actual invitationDon't rely on your adult brothers and sisters to pass information along to their own adult children and families.

Here, let me say that again -



Because it doesn't work.

They will forget - maybe even on purpose. And, besides, information gets lost as it passes through various people. (Haven't we all played the popular telephone game where the ending message sounds nothing like the original?)

diverse family cheering

More relatives will participate in the reunion if you communicate with them directly.

Yes, it's more work.

Yes, it costs money.

But it's worth it!!!

Family Reunion Websites = Effective Family Communication

Your own family website will make direct communication with the entire family much easier.

It's a place to keep track of YOUR reunion - a central gathering spot; a place to share information, solicit feedback, and make assignments.

Plus, what a smart way to extend way beyond the actual reunion planning itself. Use your website as a communication hub to build extended family relationships before, during and after the family gathering. 

I promise you, it will make a difference.

The Advantages

There are many advantages to having your own family reunion website. For example - 

  • technology appeals to younger generations
  • if you use the web page as the reunion invitation, there are no additional telephone or mailing costs
  • website will increase family communication - everyone can read and/or contribute at their leisure
  • your own customized website address (url)
  • password protected site means more privacy
  • everything (and everyone) is in one spot

The Disadvantages

The only real disadvantage that I can see is cost.

But really cost is a minor inconvenience, compared to the difference a website will make on your reunion.

Family Reunion Website

How to Get Started

You don't need technical or design experience to build a website if you partner with a company like Their reunion sites are fast and easy to create simply by filling in the blanks provided. features include the ability to:

  • send and track invitations
  • sell tickets online, accept donations, manage RSVP's and announce who is coming
  • count down the days left before your reunion
  • poll and quiz guests
  • post pictures, create family trees, upload mp3 songs and videos
  • display on a map where your family members live
  • share documents

You can even get started with a 7 day free trial (no credit card required). AND, they offer toll free customer support. You can't go wrong!

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