Family Reunion T Shirts are for Making Family Memories

Family reunion t shirts can incorporate family reunion themes or can show off family reunion logos. Regardless, use them for making family memories!

Have you ever thought about the impact silly t shirts can have on your family?

family reunion t shirts

A chance to build family unity

I know some people - in my very on family, even! - who view family reunion t shirts as a waste.

I understand the argument - why pay money for something you wear only once? - but they are not a waste. Quite the opposite, actually.

Think about it - individuals on sports teams wear uniforms that identify themselves at every game. Individual boy scouts wear uniforms while participating in troop activities.

A uniform makes a TEAM. It demonstrates who they are, states where they come from and, often, implies what they stand for.

Why not use family reunion t shirts to do the very same thing?

When everyone is wearing the same shirt...

  • no ONE person will stand out (in the family picture or otherwise)
  • individuals are instantly recognized as members of the same group
  • everyone is automatically included (Even, or perhaps "especially" yourself if you're feeling like the black sheep of the family!)

Design your own family reunion t shirts


My personal vendor recommendation is DesignAShirt! Their Custom Design Studio is easy to use and includes extensive clip art images. They have TONS of Family Reunion t-shirt examples, fast turn-around time and FREE shipping!

So, what should family reunion t shirts look like? Easy. Anything you'd like. That's the joy of having personalized shirts!

There are many companies that will help you design your own shirt or other personalized reunion keepsake.

However, even when you're working with a professional t-shirt designer, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Keep things simple. The best t-shirts are easy to read and straight forward.

2. Include:

  • Event Title - Your reunion name, family surname or simply "Family Reunion."
  • Date - Anything from vague ("2013") to specific ("July 21-24, 2014") is appropriate.
  • Place - Again, both vague ("Louisiana" or "@ home") or specific family reunion destinations ("Squirrel Creek Ranch") work.
  • Image or Saying - This could be your chance to show off your family reunion logo or heraldic crest. Or use family clip art. Or pick a couple fun genealogy quotes and have them printed in a fun font. You could also use a favorite scripture.
family reunion t shirt design

3. Custom t shirt designs are your chance to highlight family reunion themes or family symbols. I personally love the shirts that don't quite make sense. It's usually an indication of an inside family joke or "secret." Family sayings or t-shirt sayings are perfect for this!

4. As you compare vendors and prices, be aware that all products and services are NOT created equal. Be aware of minimum print runs, designer fees, shirt quality and printing time.

5. Allow PLENTY of time for printing and delivery. Three weeks or more is ideal. (There's a comprehensive planning timeline here if you need one.)

6. Use a spreadsheet to help keep track of orders and money.

Ways to USE your personalized shirts

Okay, so beyond feeling like a part of the family "team" and having an awesome reunion souvenir, what do you DO with a family reunion t shirt?

I'm so glad you asked. :)

Because this is where the MAKING FAMILY MEMORIES really comes in.

You have to specifically look and plan for ways to incorporate the t shirt into the family reunion.

For example, what if you make your own t shirt?? This route places the t shirt emphasis on creating something together, which becomes an experience in and of itself.

Look for photo opportunities beyond the posed family photo. Be silly. Make everyone wear their shirts while you're out on the town and catch strangers gawking.

Turn the t shirt experience into "legacy family tree genealogy" types of family bonding activities. Hold a contest to see who can gather the most family signatures on their shirt. Hold another contest to see who can place those signatures in the right spot on a family tree. Have everyone write ancestor names on their shirts and hold another contest to see who knows the most family stories.

If you have t shirts from past family reunions, bring one from each year to display.

And, of course, remember the family reunion t shirt when you need white elephant gift ideas or more rags for the garage! (See? I TOLD you there are multiple uses for those family reunion shirts!)

Making family memories a success!

make your own family reunion t shirts

I recently asked my son if t-shirts were important and was pleasantly surprised when he answered with an exuberant "yes!" Why? Because he fondly remembers the experience of making them and wearing them afterwards as a group.

So you see...

When family reunion t shirts become good conversation topics, or when their sayings become part of your extended family's language, or a point of reference, or the shirt is a white elephant gift... Well, that's when you know you've succeeded in making family memories.

And THAT is what it's all about, right?

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