Family Reunion T-Shirts

Find family reunion t-shirts for sale, then design your own and order. You'll have one-of-a-kind, unique t-shirts for the whole family.

family reunion t-shirts

In case you haven't heard, I'm a proponent of custom design shirts! This page will help you find family reunion t-shirts for sale and walk you through how to order t shirts for the whole family.

Step #1: Decide what you want

Okay, now I hate to tell you, but this is probably easier said than done. Especially if you ask any of your family members for input!!

While it's good to bounce ideas off other people, and while you need their investment and support, just be careful. Don't give them too many choices (everyone will choose something different) and make sure you reserve the right to make the final design/purchasing decision.

I've seen waaaaay too many families run out of production time simply because there were too many opinions to begin with.

Step #2: Determine what colors and sizes you need


If you need a youth XL, you can also order an adult S. They're basically the same size.

Gathering orders from your family members can be tricky. If you have the flexibility, order additional shirts in a variety of sizes for those folks that change their mind at the last minute or so that you have extras to send to family members who couldn't attend.

These order forms will help you gather information from your family and then compile it into one document:

This is an INDIVIDUAL order form. Use it to distribute among family. This is where each family branch tells you what kinds and sizes of shirts they want.

This one is a GROUP order form. Use it to compile everyone's orders into one document, as a gathering place for information the vendor will need from you.

Step #3: Hire a vendor and/or t-shirt designer


Contact me for more details.

As you're searching for vendors that offer family reunion t-shirts for sale, be sure to ask lots of questions so there are no surprises. Be aware of -

  • Design fees. Even if you create your own digital image, there still may be some art charges if your file isn't in the correct format.
  • Set up fees. Know what they are and what they cover. Fees will vary from vendor to vendor and also with the complexity of your t-shirt design and number of colors you wish to print.
  • Quality of shirts. Sometimes it matters, sometimes not so much. For durability, go for shirts made from 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Shirts made from 100% will generally be cheaper. But remember - they'll shrink.
family reunion t-shirts
  • Minimum order. There is usually a minimum order of shirts. Sometimes the entire order must be in ONE t-shirt color. But, depending on your vendor, you might have the option of combining t-shirt colors within the same order.

    Sometimes you may even have the option of using the same screen set up for non-t-shirt items such as printed aprons, designer polo shirts or custom hoodies.
  • Prices. Just like custom athletic apparel, the more shirts you order, the less money you will spend per shirt. Whenever you have an item customized, there are set costs associated with designing the artwork and setting up the printing screens. Since the set up costs remain the same regardless of how many shirts are printed, total cost per shirt goes down when you order more shirts.
  • Timing. Know how long the printing and shipping process will take. Vendors will not usually guarantee delivery dates since shipping is mostly out of their control. If you're in a hurry, you might be able to pay a rush charge (for printing and processing) and other additional charges for faster shipping. The sooner you order the better. My recommendation is to order AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance, preferably much earlier.
  • Colors. Multi-color prints are more expensive than single color prints. Keep in mind that colors vary from computer monitor to computer monitor so it's impossible for a vendor to show you the exact color online.

I highly recommend Carpenter Screen Printing and Embroidery. They are a tremendous family-owned and operated company that have been in business since 1968. They specialize in quality, value customer service and stand by their work. I trust them completely and am confident you'll be pleased with your experience. They'll ship to anywhere in the US, so check out their website and contact information here and tell them I sent you!

Step #4: Collect money from your family

There are several options for handling the financial aspects of family reunion t-shirts. Whether you charge individuals for family reunion t-shirts separately, build the cost into registration fees, or benefit from a sponsor, the most important element to consider is that YOU don't get stuck with the entire bill.

Well, unless YOU are the sponsor or like spending large quantities of money on your extended family. If that's the case, I take my statement back.

Step #5: Distribute the shirts to your family


Please share YOUR experience with family reunion t-shirts here!

Distributing family reunion t-shirts goes right along with collecting the money for them. If you can do it without being too much of a stickler or pain in the butt, make sure the shirt is paid for *before* you hand it over.

Generally speaking, the best time to distribute shirts is at the beginning of the reunion as part of a welcome packet, registration materials, or "Hey, we're here!!" announcement.

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