Family Reunion Locations: Considerations, Tips & Suggestions

Family reunion locations and family reunion destinations should be compatible with YOUR family.

Great places make for great family summer vacations!

So where are the best family reunion locations and how do you find them??

Family reunion destinations should be compatible with your family. However, choosing a location is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it can be the single most challenging aspect you will face as the family reunion planner.

What’s true in real estate is also true in regards to family reunions:

location, location, location!

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The location of your family reunion greatly impacts your activities, what might work for family reunion themes and, of course, making family memories.

Think about how different a Zion National Park camping trip for the family reunion would be compared to, say, the best family cruise ever. I know - crazy, right?

Your family reunion location will influence cost, accessibility, overnight accommodations, activity choices... basically everything.

How to choose family reunion locations

There are two basic approaches to determining a gathering spot:

  1. Choose a site and then determine the activities


  2. Determine what family reunion activities that interest you (based on your family’s interests and hobbies), or what out of all the family events you wish to focus on, and then find a location that supports those family activities and events.
children playing in the sand on a beach

I recommend that you -

FIRST, decide if you want any family reunion themes and what type of family reunion you're planning. For example, there's the:

  • Afternoon picnic or barbeque in the park

  • Evening family reunion banquet or dinner with a program

  • Multi-day event with group sleeping accommodations, such as a vacation rental home

  • Informal summer vacation at "Mom & Dad's" place

  • Family camping trip with an assortment of RV's, tents, yurts and/or cabins

  • Family reunion cruise


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NEXT, determine what kind of space and facilities are needed.

FINALLY, search out a location that is conducive to large groups and will meet your needs. There are hundreds of places to hold successful family reunions. Investigate and consider:

Possible Family Reunion Locations


State parks

Church or youth camps, school facilities

Family reunion cabins or yurts

Bed and breakfast establishments

Commercial hotels

Family reunion resorts

Community buildings, fairgrounds

Commercial theme parks

Local parks or picnic areas

Vacation homes and private rentals

Family reunion cruises

Local zoo

Family history library or center

Scout camps
(Check the scouting webpage for contact information
and camps in your local area.)

family reunion in utah

Many family reunions first start out at "Mom and Dad’s" or "Grandma and Grandpa’s." As the family grows and changes, meeting at the homestead may become too difficult. Frequently, families try to meet in a central geographic location or in the hometown of the reunion planner / host.

Generally, a successful family reunion should address the needs of each generation. For example, children need a safe place to romp and play and elderly adults need a comfortable place to sit and visit.

Our family has enjoyed the following for multi-day family reunions or family vacations in the Pacific Northwest. If they’re within your travel allowance, I’d highly recommend them!

Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho

Northern Oregon Coast, in Oregon

Fort Stevens State Park in Astoria, Oregon

Squirrel Creek Ranch in Ashton, Idaho

Bear Lake, on the Idaho/Utah border

Suggestions From Readers

What about you? What are your favorite family reunion destinations? You're invited to give your recommendations and share your real life experiences. Did your chosen location work? Why or why not? What did you love and what would you do differently next time? Help others by submitting a review here.

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