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Other Real Life Stories

Click below to read contributions and ideas from other visitors. They are all story submissions from readers, just like you.

Mullins Reunion 
We have a horseshoe pitching tournament. We give a small trophy to the champion and first runner up. The tournament is open to anyone that wants to play …

Tree Mail 
I recently saw this super cute idea, called tree mail, while camping with my parents. These guys had set up a "mail" system for all the cousins. The …

Spaller Family Christmas Reunion 
Our 29th annual Christmas Reunion will be held this year. Since our reunion is in December we rent a hall. To pay for the hall and other expenses …

Patriotic FUN and Memorial 
We had a red, white, and blue theme for our reunion last year. Told everyone to wear their patriotic colors and we celebrated and honored our family …

Coffee Hour 
To encourage help with getting things set up, we incorporated a coffee hour. We ask those who can to come early and get things ready and have coffee and …

We Missed You Activity 
Something I want to do at our reunion this year is have everyone in attendance put their fingerpaint handprints on a large piece of posterboard, leaving …

Family Feud 
Try having the family play the Family Feud Game. It's such a fun game, especially with all the family being there. I'm sure it would be fun to make up …

Hi! I have been researching my family tree for years - I mean decades - and have 8 generations. I have located all living souls on the FT. This year …

Family Tree Chart for Reunion Favor, Gift and Activity 
Family tree charts make a great reunion keepsake. Each person can pitch in to pay for a favor to take home and save to pass on to children. Tell …

Brown Family Reunion 
I am an in-law but try to help as much as possible. (My own family doesn't do a family reunion.) We have our Reunion the 3rd Sat. in June (Father's …

We had a blast! 
Background: This is year 18 for my mom's paternal line. We started, & for several years, met in a tent on my parents' farm. We then moved to a small church …

The Larance Family Reunion of Long Ago 
I tell you for sure, our family had a heck of a times at "The Larance Family Reunion." I remember one time at Lueders reunion - David or Donald Larance …

Reunion Ideas 
This Year we decided to do a Family Photo CD, and sell it as a fundraiser towards next year's reunion. We asked everyone to bring pictures of relatives, …

Leyva Reunion 
We have a reunion every year in July the weekend closes to July 22 because that is my grandmother's birthday, she died in 1988. I was tired of just getting …

Each symbol in LEONOR CLAN logo represents something deep for each clan members. The EAGLE looming at the back of the logo represents the clan member's …

Photo Gifts and Reunion Favors 
I have been planning my family reunion for a year now and I am very excited that it is only 16 days away. I have so many things planned and I hope that …

A Reunion on LBI, NJ at Beach House Retreats, Beach Haven Crest, NJ  
We had a family reunion sadly during the weekend of my Mother's funeral. We had 44 come from the immediate family. My parents bought a beach house in …

Daniel Family Fun 
Our Daniel family enjoyed almost 30 consecutive years of reunions until recently. With all the original siblings having passed away, we are now skipping …

Kids activities were a hit! 
There were a lot of good things that happened at our family reunion but one of my favorite was the kids’ activities. This year we had 16 kids at the reunion …

Hospital Mania!!!!!!! 
Well,It was our Family in Michigan 1995 I think. My little nephew was playing on the stairs and accidently pushed my little niece Victoria down and, of …

Preserve Your Family History! 
During our last family reunion we watched a two hour video (DVD) that I had created that documented our family history from about 1900 to 1950. It was …

Reminising the Legacy of Melanio Nepomuceno Leonor 
My grandfather, Melanio Nepomuceno Leonor, was born on January 6, 1905, in San Jacinto, Masbate City. He was born and brought up in the cradle of poverty. …

Dr. Seuss  
Come from near, come from far. Travel by foot, vespa, or car. Meet at Silverwood on 7/31, Bring your own water to avoid the runs. Then back to 6245 …

Survivor Theme 
One fun reunion idea my sister-in-law did with her family was a "Survivor" themed reunion around the 4th of July. They had all these little competitions …

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A Christmas Reunion 
Our reunion is in December...a Christmas Reunion. This year is our 30th! So excited. My Mom just recently passed away but for years she and I would …

Have a photo contest 
A photo contest is the easiest thing in the world to do. Everybody can participate, it lasts for the entire event and is a blast. Just download …

Memorial Dove Release 
I own Whitewings of Gulfwinds a white dove release service company. I usually provide doves for weddings and funerals but, I recently was asked to …

Family Meeting Ideas 
Welcome everyone to the reunion, and thank them for coming. Mention which different families (or family lines) are at the reunion. Give a general …

Make it Meaningful! 
Not every family is fortunate or lucky enough to have a family reunion. In today's society families get strewn all over the map. Whereas, traditionally, …

Share Pictures at the End 
This year at our family reunion we had a laptop, a multi fuctional camera card reader and lots of disks. Towards the end of the day everyone downloaded …

Puzzle Madness 
Have everyone sit down and do a count-off by how many puzzles you have. For example, if you have 4 puzzles, have them count off 1, 2, 3, 4. Put a …

A Real Tree - Gift Idea 
An idea I had is for a "gift" for everyone to take with them is an actual "family tree" seedling tree (Blue Spruce). You can order them for $1.00 …

A Piece of Home - Craft or Give Away Idea 
One year for our family reunion when our old home place was torn down, I asked for a scrap of wood from the owner of our old home. I made resin casting …

My Ten Top Family Reunion Songs 
I have a favorite family reunion song - it’s upbeat and fun and you feel good when you listen to it and even better when you sing it. It’s a little …

Really "Cool" Ice Breaker Games 
We have an Uncle Scott in our family, and anytime a family reunion or party starts getting a little slow, he will get everyone playing "Do You Love Your …

Wheel of Doom Activity 
For a girls camp my daughter attended, she was asked to create a "Wheel of Doom." The idea was that the girls would spin the wheel to determine what kind …

Salmon River - Riggins, Idaho 
Rafting the Salmon River was one of our best reunions. Everyone had a blast. The rafts were filled with people having fun, and if you wanted/needed …

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