Family Reunion Games and Activities for ALL Ages!

Family reunion games make excellent family reunion activities. Fun group games, outdoor games for kids, icebreaker activities, and more!

A smart family reunion planner knows that fun group games can make a BIG difference at the family reunion. And you know what? Usually the best kids games, the most memorable fun adult games and the wackiest icebreaker games are completely FREE and require very few props.

Playing games and having fun together is a great way to
turn relatives into friends.

Besides that, fun family reunion games will

create memories!

And that's what it's all about anyway, right?

I'm so excited about my most recent find! Playmeo - a searchable online database of group games, activities and ice-breakers with video tutorials. PERFECT for family reunions!

My memories of family reunion games

One of the most memorable family reunions I attended as a kid was the one where I was in charge of running some simple, fun kid games with the younger children. Wow!

Running those games made me feel like I belonged! (Not to mention that the party planner in me was born!)

I was a very shy child and really needed some getting to know you activities, even though I was supposed to already know my family.

fun kids games for the family reunion

What kind of fun group games are you in the mood for?

Family reunion games can be:

Big and Silly

Calm and Quiet


Crazy and Fun

What will YOUR family most enjoy? Do you need some getting to know you questions? Or maybe some icebreaker activities? Do you need indoor games for kids or outdoor lawn games? Or both?

Enjoy browsing these fun group games and ideas. Use them to add spark and creativity to your next family reunion event. Oh, and don't forget to submit your own family's favorites!

Card Games

Indoor Games

Make a Treasure Hunt

Fun Outdoor Games

Outdoor Lawn Games (including Kubb)

Fun Family Board Games

Ice Breaker Activities

Relay Races

Games with Puzzles

Group Games

Kids Games

Cooking Games

Water Games (including Kids Pool Party)

Games Submitted by Site Visitors

Carefully selected games can help make a party fun and successful.

They will:

  • Promote fun and liven the mood.

  • Give the kids something to look forward to. And something to do once you're there (read: expend energy). Check out Best Children's Games for even more great game ideas specifically for kids.

    (If you're like me and want to sneak in some education at the same time, provides card games for kids and helpful advice for parents.)

  • Encourage interaction and help everyone feel comfortable. Fun family games provide an easy way to get reacquainted with the cousins.

  • Icebreakers can help, well, break the ice. There’s nothing worse than that awkward first-person-to-arrive-nothing-to-do-maybe-I’m-too-early moment.

Be prepared

Even if you're not the family reunion planner, it's still a good idea to go to the family reunion PREPARED with a few activities, games and props for those dull moments. Time is too precious to waste!

My favorite grab-and-go props include:

  • a beanbag
  • ball
  • paper and marker
  • conversation starter questions (This Planning Guide includes 60 of my very favorite!) and
  • this game book -

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