Plan a family reunion that will
add meaning and make memories.

What is it about a family reunion - or any family gathering, for that matter - that causes tension? Whether you’re the planner or just planning to attend, it’s guaranteed to cause apprehension and test your patience on some level.

But the fact is,

"Other things may change us,
but we START and END with family."

- Anthony Brandt

my family

The most important things in life aren't things. The most important things in life are -

faith, friends and family.

The most important things in life are the relationships we have with others, the tender moments we share, the service we render and making a positive difference in the world around us.

So. Even if - or rather, "when" - your family drives you crazy, it's still worth the effort to get together.

Your stories and recommendations -

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Build friendships during the happy times so that
you'll find support and love during the trying times.

That's where the family reunion comes in. Gather your family together. Spend time with one another. Play silly relay races, organize fun outdoor games, share potluck recipes, wear funky family reunion t-shirts, laugh, reminisce.

This website was born in an effort to help you do all those things and more. I want to help all families create a fun family party that will deepen relationships, make memories and add meaning to life.


I've combined my education, special event career,
stay-at-home mom expertise and personal experience
on this website to bring you -


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Family Reunion Questions Answered
Ask (or answer) that buring family reunion question!
Family Reunion Websites - Create Your Own
Family reunion websites are a wonderful addition to your reunion and can serve as a communication hub before, during and after your family gathering.
Share your family reunion idea!
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Why I love my family and how I ended up with a family reunion website
As long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a mom. My family is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Kindred Connections E-Zine
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Family Heritage Starts and Ends with Planning a Family Reunion
Family heritage is discovered, shared and celebrated through strategic family reunion activities.
Family Reunion Gifts that Make a Difference
Family reunion gifts should celebrate your family. Whether you give gorgeous family tree art or hand out a cheap promotional logo product, personalized family gifts are best.
Planning a Family Reunion
Planning a family reunion starts with a determined family reunion planner. From family reunion themes to summertime recipes, find everything you need for planning a successful event.
Family Reunion Invitations: Tips, Samples, Templates, Printables, Wording
Family reunion invitations are a key component of planning a family reunion. Download a sample invitation; learn how to create your own invitations using meaningful quotes.
Family Reunion Locations: Considerations, Tips & Suggestions
Family reunion locations and family reunion destinations should be compatible with YOUR family. Great places make for great family summer vacations!
Family Reunion Ideas and Fun Family Reunion Activities
Family reunion ideas and fun family reunion activities for making family memories that will last through generations.
Family Reunion Activities for all Seasons, Locations and Families
By creating fun family reunion activities and family reunion themes, you will be making family memories and creating traditions for future generations.
Family Reunion Games and Family Reunion Activities for All Ages
Family reunion games make excellent family reunion activities. Fun group games, outdoor games for kids, icebreaker activities, and more!
Family Reunion Food and Recipes. Tips for Feeding a Crowd. Potluck Ideas.
Simplify family reunion food with these meal planning ideas, tips on feeding a crowd and easy potluck recipes.
Family Reunion T Shirts are for Making Family Memories
Family reunion t shirts can incorporate family reunion themes or can show off family reunion logos. Regardless, use them for making family memories!
Family Reunion Success Search Page
Want Family Reunion Success? Search for what you need here.
Sitemap for Family Reunion Success
Family Reunion Success Sitemap
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Put Your Family Reunion Photo Onto Canvas to Create a Beautiful Remembrance Gift
Placing a photo onto canvas is easy. Create a custom photo collage or build a family tree. Either way, canvas prints make unusual photo gifts. Canvas photo prints make meaningful family reunion gifts.
Your Family Reunion Games and Ideas
What are your favorite family reunion games? Do they include outdoor games for kids or family reunions games and puzzles? Large group games are a critical component to any family reunion.
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Advertise requests for Family Reunion are considered on a case-by-case basis. Affordable rates!

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